Simulation Argument, Matrix & Simulation Definition Presenting Self Aware, Free Thinking People

I’m going to remind you here that I’ll be focusing on simulation possibilities here and more specifically a simulation as a simulation project quite simply because there is an abundance of highly visible observable readily deducible evidence that we are living in someone’s simulation project. I’ll also presenting information specific to a simulation project attempting to simulate self aware, free thinking people.

We have a simulation argument and that argument is focused on the possibilities of ourselves being in a simulation. Despite ourselves having a great deal of interest in the possibility that we might be in a Matrix and despite ourselves having Professor Bostrom giving us the simulation argument we are not gifted with even basic definitions or useful fundamental information anywhere.

As the entirety of science and rational so called objective research depends entirely on defining and categorizing everything such that for many topics there is an abundance of basic and fundamental information including definitions because they are essential to provide a basic launch platform before you can even START THINKING beyond the fundamentals.

It is therefore embarrassing that the most likely and purported to be ‘authoritative’ web pages don’t offer any such basic information. Let me give you some now.

What is a Matrix, Definition of a Matrix

Are you in a Matrix? If you would be a ‘real’ person with a ‘real’ body with your perceptions interfaced to a virtual reality. You would be ‘presented’ as a virtual ‘avatar’ living in a software defined external virtual reality environment. This will likely be being done to achieve some specific purpose or outcome (even a recreational one) which may or may not be completely defined by the ‘behind the scenes’ designer.

The bottom line is that a ‘Matrix’ relating to our own circumstances here would have REAL flesh and blood people having all of their senses, perceptions and means of expression interfaced to a virtual reality to present that reality as if it is a real reality to the people being interfaced to it.

What is a Simulation, Are we in a Simulation Project?

If we are in a ‘simulation’ then we are entirely simulated people being simulated as if they are real flesh and blood people living in a simulated reality. Each of the simulated residents would be an accurate copy or duplicate of the ‘real’ person whose life, defining interactions and decisions they would be accurately simulating. You would very likely be a simulated person in a simulation as part of some defined project that required the use of a simulation to achieve its objectives and aims.

No simulation would present self aware, free thinking people unless the project actually required this level of detail and accuracy for the success of the project (it would be too expensive as a start). You can also deduce that you would ONLY include self aware, free thinking people if THE PEOPLE were IMPORTANT AND CENTRAL to the project’s objectives being successful.

This being the case the objectives of the project will likely be either to gain greater understanding of the simulation designers’ own population OR to try and use the simulated population to ‘somehow’ change the trajectory of the original population.

A Simulation is an Accurate Copy or Duplicate of some System

For example, the most likely possibility for ourselves ‘IF’ we are in a simulation is that it will be a simulation project and as I describe above we will be copied people living in a copied environment. You can easily deduce that it is the most likely possibility because ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then it will very likely arise from what we are DOING NOW because it will be our future selves that put this simulation together.

You just have to have a quick look at wikipedia’s computer simulation page to realize that we are into computer simulation projects in a big way.

The other common factor of absolutely all operational simulation projects is that they are built to accurately emulate a duplicate copy of ‘something / some system’ AND that this is done so to improve the simulation project designers understandings and or to help the designers to solve REAL WORLD problems and or to predict the future states of your ‘real’ system OR to help you to understand how you can make real change to your ‘real’ system by using the copy to check out different possibilities.

For a simulation to return ‘useful’ understandings then you need to be able to model or ‘represent’ the real, live ‘system’ you are wanting to emulate, seriously accurately. If your simulation is not accurate then your simulation project simply won’t return useful data.

Do you know what the differences are between a matrix and a simulation?

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