The Different types of Energetic Attachments

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On this page I’m going to make you aware of attachments in a more general sense. Attachments are not just to people although these are the commonest they are also to things and positions, status and so on.

When an attachment is to a person this is what we would identify as and call an entity attachment . . .

The Commonest Subtle Attachments are to People

Attachments can happen in any existence and they can do so in any situation where you relate in any way at all to another being. They extend the full range from the extreme “I hate you and am going to get you back you bastard” through to the “We will love each other forever” which is, contrary to what you might think, equally debilitating. These can be more subtle with acquaintances, less than subtle with friends, and much stronger with lovers and enemies.

Attachments can also occur with someone you don’t actually know and have never met. These range from the “Unrequited love” types to the dangerously jealous “your too nice (or effective or loving or strong or correct) so I am going to pull you down” – this one often results in what appears to be bad luck in this and future existences especially when there is a lot of focus (read obsession).

Energetic attachments are common and normal

Contrary to popular belief within energy circles, attachments to people i.e. entity attachments or spirit attachments are not a sign that you have fallen, they are a sign that you are living, are not a hermit but you are freely interacting with other beings i.e. you are having some form of relationship (even if they are just day to day ones like saying good morning to the couple that run the corner shop or your lawyer who you only speak to on the phone) and your attention is attracted in some way by something about these people.

You can have attachments to beings on all levels and from all existences, and they will continue to exist until broken.

Attachments to things and objects

Cars would be a good although trivial example for some people. A dangerous weapon. Beautiful gems. Money, Power (sort of a thing). What about your position as an arch bishop or as a teacher in a spiritual school. Or an attachment to the objects of office as the arch bishop. Residences and houses are things that people often get attached too which is why we have ghosts.

Yet again these you will find on any level, and again in energy terms you can find people carrying energetic around ‘representations’ of things that they picked up a long time ago. Power objects, amulets of protection, books of spells, your best jewellery anything that is just too good to leave behind. Or perhaps something entrusted to you for you to look after and your still doing it 10,000 life times later?

Attachments to ideas, beliefs and models

They effect your views of your reality, yourself and others very deeply as they often represent your core self (your soul) and they drive your behaviour, values, ethics and approaches to life, living and relationships. They are the most difficult to become aware of, and they are also the most important to understand as they hold your greatest limitations.

Look around you . . . Understand the range of beliefs presented here? This is not just a facet of human living. This reality is a representation of the diversity that is lived and the beliefs and ideas discussed, argued about and fought over on all levels including at the highest pure soul form levels. In fact it is at soul level where your deepest and for the most part unconscious ideas and beliefs originate. At soul level as here, your values, traditions, philosophies and ideas are taken on by association because they are an integral part of your soul culture. There as here you are also strongly influenced by those closest to you – your soul parents and extended family, your friends, your teachers. This is where your ideas originate about what is spiritual, what is good or bad, what is ethical and unethical and so on.

They are our greatest areas of challenge as they are also the deepest areas that you need to explore to deal with your most engrained and unconscious areas of limitation.

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