July 22, 2016

Self Exploration / Healing EXERCISE-4 – Target what Defines & Contains MySelf & MyLIFE

It’s a bit difficult to explain how this exercise / focus arose . . .

The people / race that put together the sim you could say have another culture that generally opposes them. That opposing culture has two family lines that you could say represent that cultures leaders / decision makers / experts.

Coincidentally, no one from these two families are ‘liked’ by the EAAS designing culture (that’s an understatement – haha).

As I’ve mentioned somewhere (likely in comments) I’m simulating someone that hacked the EAAS project as it was being put together AND a lot of people directly connected to me (in the sim) are people connected to my original ‘hacking’ form, Coincidentally that form / my form is of this ‘family’ line and even more worrying many of you that made it to this site are also connected to me and are of that line too . . .

So, about 5/6 weeks back we came across some very sophisticated sim ‘shit’ that was specifically written to seriously contain and FU just these two family lines (they ‘really’ don’t like us!!!). These two lines are actually from two subtle beings that in being androgynous and dividing asexually are all pretty much twins of each other (I’ll be putting up another new post ‘indirectly’ covering these ‘soul twin’ areas SOON). This specific set of ‘shit’ software has actually also been collecting trauma and resonance triggers and other debilitations from all of the twins of this line and has been using this shit to cross contaminate all of those of this line while ALSO making a massive effort to keep all of these two family lines of twins as contained and limited as possible (in your dreams . . . ).

Coincidentally, the series ‘Twin Peaks’ is the ‘design’ of this specific software translated here into a bizarre TV series. Coincidentally I started to watch this about two weeks ago and ended up figuring out the ‘Twin Peaks’ sideways meaning as in it’s about two sets (peaks) of twins . . . and all of the pre-designed choreographed efforts to FU these two lines of people . . .

So, the first ‘primary’ focus / exercise below ended up being way more ‘focused’ compared to any other focus/exercise I’ve written . . . so even if you are not one of the two ‘twin’ lines that this was written to target it’ll still scare the bejesus out of anything else . . . haha.

Also, the Kick Ass ‘KA’ focus also scares the bejesus out of even the most sophisticated software no matter that defences and or work around’s it’s got.

INSTRUCTIONS . . . the first focus is not too bad in length BUT, the second is a SUPER MONSTER, however, it’s worth making an effort to do the second after the first. In a general sense do the two together have a rest for 2/3 days then do it again . . .

Please read ALL of the open:

‘Copyright Statement – READ THIS ‘NOW’ ‘accordion’ below . . .

AND, do this before working with any ‘simulation’ experience targeting exercise: because you are ‘bound’ by certain conditions and given certain warnings with respect to this page and these exercises . . . ‘IF’ you have ALREADY read these warnings etc on another exercise page then CLICK on the accordion TAB immediately below to close it as this will save you having to scroll down the page to reach and work with the ‘exercise’!!!

  • The Simulation Software ‘Obviously’ WON’T LIKE People Accessing What Contributes to Themselves

    Simulation software relies on keeping people disengaged from everything of themselves that is ‘worrying’ from the simulation projects: objectives, ‘consensus’ reality and the ‘generic humans’ range of experiences point of view. The software basically keeps you locked into a bubble of ‘normal’ human functioning and a managed ‘consensus’ reality view point AND more importantly it relies on stopping you from even becoming aware of any ‘out of bounds’ possibilities as in ‘extra’ enhancements and or abilities (or what these experiences imply). It relies on this ‘awareness and investigation’ disengagement tactic to severely suppresses you from even becoming aware of never mind of THINKING about trying to access never mind of allowing you to actually ‘understanding’ you are defined by software and a script of data. 

    So, in ‘playing’ with this and other ‘exercises’ here then the software will likely tag you as ‘dangerous’ and you can expect it’ll try and find ways to distract you, make this web site and your experiences gained here fade away from your memory faster that usual while keeping you busy and occupied elsewhere . . . and so on . . . this is just it’s standard operating protocol (SOP) for worrying people. I’ve personally been giving it ‘THE BIG FINGER’ for over a decade now!!!

    To make it very clear . . . despite that the worst anyone has experienced pushing against the simulation in these ways is some temporary ‘weird’ experiences that have faded out after a few minutes or hours . . .

    You use/work with the below . .

    Entirely at your own risk

    ‘IF’ you do decide to ‘go for it’ then work with the below when you have some hours to spare, so if anything ‘extra’ weird and or disturbing happens you have some time to recover / wait for it to fade out (before you have to do things like ‘drive’).

    So, if you want to explore these areas then work with the ‘statement of intent’ presented below, BUT first you read the following . . . .

    COPYRIGHT: The below is all Copyright, all rights reserved Clive S Hetherington 2015 and on. The exercises’, the ‘focuses’ the statements of intent (SOI) STAY on this site and you don’t copy what is below to present on another site, I have made my copyright very clear that I don’t want ENTIRE sections taken from this site and presented somewhere else. I don’t mind a paragraph or two as an ‘opener’ BUT no more than 20% (this is stated and has been stated for years in my Legal page (the link is in the very top menu way above)). This is specifically the case for this page BECAUSE I’m wanting COMMENTS of feedback from people working with this page to help myself and in fact everyone interested in what I’m presenting here to IMPROVE our understandings of WTF is going on!!!!

    INSTRUCTIONS: As you read the ‘statements of intent’ then you state ‘with intention’ what you read internally with a directed will of ‘I WANT THIS / This is what I WANT!!!’ while simultaneously keeping your inner awareness / senses alert and ‘still’ to give yourself the best chance of becoming aware of anything that the focus reveals / gives you direct access too.

    This ‘does’ take practice, I ‘started’ to spend time trying to become aware of my internal states and inner perceptions three and a half decades ago.

AND . . . of course if you DO experience ANYTHING while using the above then you give us a comprehensive description as a comment below . . .


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