A Little Divine Light on Spiritual Atrocities & Horrors

This is the Introduction and Contents page of a 22 page article series that:
"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

Table of Contents

Each of the following paragraphs introduces a main page of this series in a ‘tongue in cheek’ vaguely humorous fashion. Click on any title below will take you to the full page . . . do you dare?

Spiritual & Divine Masters of Deception, Lies & Spin

Can you easily lie? Do you dislike giving people seriously BAD NEWS? YES? Fantastic, we might have just the right job for you. We are a consultancy group (Spiricon inc) employed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our job is to find someone whom can find a way to present what is actually and really a COMPLETE &**#ing disaster as an amazingly ‘Good THING’ specifically to those that the disaster actually directly impacts without them realising this. Just to give you an idea of what we are looking for we present here a serious disaster that we already facilitated the Spiritual Hierarchy to cover up in just this way a little while ago . . . we’re rather proud of how we did this . . . even though we’ve all gone to rather a LOT of trouble to make sure that these lightworker people are about as aware as a tea cosy (while having them imagine the opposite) we’re still amazed that not one of them questioned this one . . . so, read and study how we managed to do this . . . and then get back to us if you think you can do better . . . as we’ve an ever bigger disaster similar to what we present in this example that we’ll have to try and cover up in the next year or two . . . it’s a massive biggie, so, we’re going to have to come up with something REALLY spectacular . . . we need your help . . .

Spiritual Masters Enlightening Employment Attitudes

Do you agree with Slave Labour? Is the work your employees do for you SO BAD that you all have to keep it hidden and secret while living in fear of being exposed? Would you threaten or scare your employees and stop them taking better work elsewhere or even stopping them talking to others? Would YOU? This page is about how Amnesty Intermultidimensional is at this very moment taking up the case of the suppressed and down trodden spirit help workers whom are forced to keep THEMSELVES and what they are doing SECRET because it’s all just too embarrassing for their employers if they’re discovered. So, DON’T delay, call ‘AI’ NOW and give your support for all spirit workers putting up with suppressive and deplorable working conditions on all spiritual levels everywhere. For more information or to make a donation then please read this page . . .

Spiritual Hierarchy Actions Suppress & Disempower

Ever been trying to raise your awareness? Ever suffer from tiredness, low vitality or a craving for higher light vibrations or energetic top ups? Are you a compulsive light showerer or chakra balancer or an obsessive space clearer or are you often protecting yourself against energetic intrusions, negativity, entities, bad vibes AND avoiding chocolate chip cookies? ARE YOU? If any of this has meaning for you then DON’T read this page . . . it’ll be too scary . . . WAY toooooo scary . . . you could end up finding yourself trying to do all the above at once which might cause a love and light subtle energetic delivery overload and bring the entire Spiritual Hierarchy light plan;

>> Crashing DOWN!! <<

. . . it’s just NOT worth it . . . so, keep us all safe and don’t ever EVER try and read this page . . . OK?

Sabotaged Negative Issue & Self Exploration

Have you ever been trying to become more self aware or self understanding? Are you interested in personal self exploration BUT have had problems orienting toward or directly investigating yourself OR of even thinking about doing this just as a possibility? Have you ever been prevented from thinking about how much trying to stay positive actually prevents you from engaging with or even directly exploring negative aspects of yourself? Have you ever decided to rely on the hope that ‘something’ will ‘somehow’ magically sort out all your negative issues for you while you stay oblivious both to how this was (really) done or even of why you had these issues in the first place? Do you find yourself relying on the dangled Ascension bus carrot to keep yourself going?


If any of this has meaning for you then DON’T read this page . . . it’ll make you pissed off . . . you’ll become aware of all the ways that yourself and all of us are managed to ensure our self explorations are unsuccessful because you are sabotaged from directly engaging with or investigating negative issues.

Spiritual Hierarchy Global Population Management

How well are the Spiritual Hierarchy doing to lovingly manage the global population? What different spiritual means do they use to achieve this? How many of you are unknowingly helping them in their plans for world domination by partaking of global healings and peace meditations? Do you know what the subtle energies generated by these ACTUALLY do? WELL DO YOU? Have you noticed the visible and upsetting drawbacks? NO!!! Well, don’t be shy; find out NOW what might happen to your sexuality by reading these pages . . . AND . . . even WORSE the dreadful things that could happen if you DON’T . . . geessse, it’s difficult being a decisive lightworker . . . EH!!!

Policies Against the Competent, Aware & Honest

Do you deplore injustice? Are you competent, honest, caring? Do you have good subtle perceptions and awarenesses? Or even WORSE are you doing anything that might have you at risk of becoming aware of or of exposing ANYTHING that the Spiritual Hierarchy wants kept hidden? ARE YOU? To find out what might happen if you are . . . then read this page . . BUT!!! . . . please NOTE . . . WARNING; lightworkers are recommended . . . I REPEAT recommended to NOT read this page without the right set of;

‘Divine Sacred Keys of Ultimate Light Protection’

As you yourself should know, you should always use these amazing sacred keys to protect yourself from ANYTHING that is actually honest and accurate. Honest and accurate accounts can induce a potentially ‘fatal’ >> FATAL << ‘light wisdim’ melt down. Any lightworkers attempting to read this page are thus warned that there are extreme levels of honest and accurate information . . . BEWARE!!!!

Spiritual Hierarchy Isolates Competent Paths & Ways

Even worse what if you are a competent AND concerned spiritual leader or guru and are directing your entire group toward negative issues both to improve your understandings of these but particularly to address negative issue healing failures?

Read these page to find out how the Spiritual Hierarchy deliberately and ‘consciously’ separates and isolates paths, groups and ways whom stupidly fall into the ‘competent, aware’ category just because they are trying to engage with negative issues and actually trying to investigate these in subtle energy terms.

Read these pages to gain understandings of how the Spiritual Hierarchy uses creative manifestation to beat the drum in completely different ways compared to what it recommends to ourselves through the law of attraction to achieve complete control and suppression of ourselves.

Spiritual Hierarchy Edits & Sanitizes Akashic Files

Have you checked your Akashic records ‘integrity’ rating recently? Are you worried that your personal Akashic accounts and your past life identities may be hacked and exposed? Do you have ANY embarrassing bits in a past life that you would NEVER EVER want revealed?

What about . . .

>> THAT life <<

of 50 lives ago? Remember!!! . . . the LIFE you NEVER EVER WANTED TO REMEMBER? Well, no longer do you have to fear!! For the first time EVER we can offer you the same exclusive service once only secretly enjoyed by our SACRED & DIVINE LIGHT membership card holders, their friends and families (and anyone with enough to bribe them) and have your Akashic records seamlessly edited by our trained experts whom can not only ‘disappear’ all those dead bodies BUT creatively adjust anything that just might reveal that you’re really a two faced lying, low life bastard with no morals . . . we’ve had so much experience of doing this over the last millennium for other two faced lying, low life bastards with no morals Spiritual Hierarchy clientèle that we can absolutely guarantee that no one will ever find out your secrets . . . your personal information is of course completely safe in our hands (cough, cough) . . .

Light v Demons & Dark Forces Sacred Score Card

Who’s winning? Is it the bad, dastardly and dreadful demons and dark forces? Or are those of the Spiritual and Light holding the sacred and moral holy high ground? Our multidimensional research teams have been assessing all the evidence and the results may surprise you. To find out just how much better the amazing Spiritual Light teams are doing compared to the others’ pathetic efforts . . . and to experience how quickly you can be catapulted into the higher realms of dizzying enlightenment and gain truly astonishing knowledge and awesome insights first hand then start reading this page now . . .

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