True Movement requires Letting GO . . .

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Isn’t it strange that many that SWEAR and shout at me about all paths leading to the same place . . .

. . . blah, blah, blah are often the ones that are super glued to some ascended master or divine being or saint or??? and whom even if you lend them a crow bar they cannot extricate themselves . . . bit of a contradiction there don’t you think?

What are YOU glued to? What cannot you LET GO OF? . . . . What was that you were saying about letting go of fear? MMMmmm?

What assumptions or beings wont YOU let go of?

You also don’t make assumptions about who has the best experience to help you do this, you don’t name, names you ask openly . . . . .

Of course this can mean that you have to let go of more beliefs to do this. What? “Mother Mary” or “Quan Yin” or “Saint John” or “Christ” or “Mohammed” is not the best to deal with depression?

. . . . are you mad? . . . . . . See what we mean?

This is why this approach is not comfortable to most people and why it takes a lot of time (many years) working with us (rather than on your own) before you can really understand what this approach is doing and . . .

How much self freedom are you secure enough to go for?

Have left behind enough (in terms of beliefs and limiting paths) to work with this approach effectively.

For example; it takes time for you to adjust yourself to let go of your beliefs that will be acting to sabotage a movement to reveal your limits. You could say that beliefs are like living things and they will protect their own interests, they don’t want to die. Beliefs will actually manipulate and change your reality so that what you manifest will confirm that they are a truth. Beliefs no matter how good they seem or what they are about will keep you trapped within themselves and their limiting assumptions. How can you get to something deeper if you wont let go of what you now have?

Self Commitment? Do you have any?

This is your part and is something that we cannot give you. As we have said elsewhere, probably lots of times, you must make a commitment to change, and for this, you must make a commitment to yourself. This requires a movement towards being determined and open, it requires a willingness to at least explore the possibilities of taking self-responsibility, of developing self-honesty, perseverance and patience. We can very strongly help you in these areas but we cannot (and we wont) be a substitute for these. As we have said elsewhere. We will not hold your hand, we fully understand how debilitating and un-empowering this is in the medium to long term. We will however try and help get you to a place where you can hold your own hand, and stand solidly for yourself.

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