The Expansive ‘Dealing with Healing CAUSES’ Choice . .

From our experience, the norm is suppressive (contractive) healing. That is healing that can look and feel very effective, but that is not resolving causes, rather it is burying what is there more deeply.

The problem is that we are living in societies that are both addicted to the quick fix and that prefer soft solutions that do not require much attention. The problem with expansive healing is that it requires the opposite. That is a personal dedication to explore yourself with unconditional openness with the intention to move beyond all limits. This must be done putting aside preconceptions and expectations otherwise all you do is chase your tail. In other words you must also release yourself from all beliefs, all ideas and knowings.

You can drive yourself in this direction by using one of the basic laws of creation – that you have the potential to manifest your own reality here. You use this truth to ask to be shown all your issues of limitation. In fact you demand this. At the same time you also ask to have all that you have hidden – traumas, suppressed feelings and so on revealed. This is somewhat essential as they warp your awareness and can sabotage your ability to manifest what you want. In all then, you make no assumptions about what is limiting – you just keep going.

For us we had some major and very obvious limitations we wanted and desperately needed to clear, as we did this and they began to fade then the ground became clearer allowing us to see things that before had not even registered. As these secondary areas were dealt with and resolved then even more subtle and engrained limits emerged and so on. This is what we are doing all the time, moving these boundaries, exploring the limits of limitations.

In the end, the only way that you can ensure that you are working with expansive, opening energies is to make your life, your whole being, your soul, ALL THAT YOU ARE dedicated to expansion and freedom?

In other words there can be no separation or contradiction between the energies you work with and where you stand with yourself. If you are consciously or unconsciously; hiding things about yourself, not wanting to genuinely move beyond limits, holding to limiting beliefs, guides and so on then the energies you hold and work with will represent these stances – contrary to any presentation you give. Wishful thinking or good intentions without a dedicated focus is no substitute at all.

Expansive healing is all about movement and change while not taking anything at face value, it is also about digging, it is about asking all the time – “what more is there beyond this?” “Who am I really?” “Am I holding to limits I simply cannot see?”, “And if so – then do everything possible to unconditionally show me them”, “Are there limits that we are all as souls holding too collectively that none of us can see? And if so how can we go beyond these too?”

You have to actively and with unconditional openness be dealing with your own issues, your own traumas, your own limitations. You must have a dedicated focus to get to the true cause of whatever is the problem, irrespective of your beliefs, training, current understandings or what your guidance says. You must have a focused intent to go beyond all your limits all the time.

If you are a healer, then you should have as part of your practice an intent that you will be fed some clients whose challenges are beyond your experience. This shows you what you are not yet capable of resolving and helps prompt you to explore deeper.

If you are taking responsibility for the outcomes of your clients, if you are attached to being successful with your clients. If you are insecure about what you are doing. If you are taking what you are doing at face value with regards any training you have had or of what your guidance says then you have a long way to go before you will begin to even attract expansive energies.

You cannot be given this approach by initiations, you can be supported with the resources to help take you in the right direction, but it is then up to you, you can only do the work yourself. You cannot hold what is a contradiction, you can only move yourself to reduce the contradiction to zero and be it and live it. With a dedicated daily focus living and breathing what you want then you may move well into this energy type in 8 to 10 years.

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