Expansive V Contractive Healing

Healing whether through channelling or using ‘energies’ or subtle technologies are all working in two opposing and opposite ways. There are some strong biases in the population that have people disengaged from personal issues or ‘difficult’ life areas UNLESS these get too limiting to ignore. So, this means that overall as a population;

Because of the above most ‘resolutions’  work by blanketing or negating symptoms which is an easy and quick way to disappear said symptoms and effects BUT for these energetic solutions to be continually effective they have to be and often ARE continually maintained to achieve their solution. These solutions which account for the majority of how our solutions work actually end up over long spans of time causing more debilitations because of the accumulations of negating energies and blanketing seals that build up over many lifetimes. It’s not ‘results’ that are actually important it’s very specifically how results are achieved that ARE important.

So, I’m using the term ‘contractive’ healing to describe solutions that blanket and negate and ‘expansive’ healing for those approaches and energies intent on opening what is behind or beneath the symptoms and effects.

I feel that therapy or healing will only take people to a radically new level within themselves if the energies are expansive and unconditionally opening in nature because at the moment our solutions are over burdening the energy field AND making it difficult to actually get to really REAL causes.

With this in mind this article explores these two different healing alignments as well as going into expansive healing in greater detail.

This section will perhaps help you to understand that all is NOT equal in terms of how different healing and therapy approaches work to effect solutions. I’d go further than this and say that success as in disappearance of a healing issues symptoms and effects should NOT be seen as a success IF how that approach works leaves ANYTHING (as in subtle energies or subtle technologies) operating to maintain a solution because this means that;

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