October 28, 2014

What would be Realistic, Virtual Net, Virtual Reality Experiences of an Earth Simulation Project Affiliated Supporter

"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

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So, can you reading this think of what sort of experiences an ‘earth simulation aware and involved’ supporter would have had using the advanced virtual reality technologies you’d expect any population that could have built a hypothetical earth simulation to have been commonly using?

What would a hypothetical ‘earth simulation aware and involved’ supporter have experienced because they are living in a more technologically advanced population such that they would have engaged with each other and virtual ‘experts’ within immersive virtual reality environments as part of being kept updated about the progress of what is very likely to have been a very important ‘earth as a simulation’ project?

What would the Virtual Reality Experiences be like of an Earth Simulation Project Affiliated Supporter?

If you’re having trouble doing this then let me give you what I consider is likely to be a very realistic example of what an ‘earth simulation project’ supporter would have experienced while being a member of the the earth simulation project whom spent time accessing virtual meetings, virtual discussions and virtual updates and particularly so on with respect to the aims of the project and how it’s unfolding towards fulfilling those aims . . .

Just imagine yourself sitting in front of a very advanced personal computer through which you are accessing the very exclusive (subscription only) earth simulation project news and progress updates net space.

Welcome to the real world’s ‘earth simulation project’ members virtual meeting place, the only central place offering all the latest ‘earth simulation project’ news and updates including the latest interviews and technical discussions all virtually streamed directly from those working hard to make the Earth Simulations ‘Aquarius’ Project a global success.

Our state of the art virtual ‘earth simulation’ net works seamlessly with all the latest Nivada fully immersive virtual reality card formats and their immersive experience accessory suits and kits. This means you can experience fully immersive versions of these interviews as if the interviewers and the earth simulation experts are right with you in your own personal virtual space. You can then receive all the latest in earth simulation news, including project updates, research projections as well as the latest progress reports, which will include in depth discussions and explanations concerning all aspects of the earth simulation project itself. Everything is presented by well respected Members of Higher Divine Endeavours Public Relations Team, its Directors, and Experts.

You might be interested in our executive membership offer which for a modest monthly fee will give you on demand 24h access to all of our virtual gurus and simulation experts. For example our new Director St.Germain of Higher Divine Endeavours Inc. will himself be giving an exclusive overview discussing the latest tests of the earth simulation ‘manifesting a better life’ software protocols which as you all know are what we need to bring a better, more fulfilled life to ALL. Remember, executive membership gives you direct access to our board of virtual gurus and experts, all able to answer any question in the comfort of your own personal undisturbed virtual reality space . . . .

What better way to keep yourself informed off all aspects of this globally important project while being free of all external ‘physical’ distractions. As you can see we are working very hard to give you the same sort of seamless ‘virtual reality’ experiences that your simulated self in the final simulated earth environment will experience.

Our servers are guaranteed to be free of malware as well as all virtual daemons. However if you should experience any problems and particularly with the latest in very nasty virtual daemons manifesting within your personal virtual environment then please feel free to call upon our virtual security agent and system protector Archangel Michael. Our virtual security agent is always available in all time zones and within all virtual environments to help you deal with all types of personal virtual environment malware infections and disrupting daemon invasions.

Please consider signing up to our global social project where all whom are ‘Working together to bring a new age for all of humanity’ can meet and share their visions and hopes of what we are striving to achieve: A ‘TRUE “Heaven on Earth”. Don’t be shy, get involved and make like minded friends now.

We will even support you to form your very own local ‘Working to Manifest A New Age NOW’ simulation awareness group. Through access to our latest multi-channel server, your group members can experience immersive simulation news’ updates and support meetings as you help each other and all of those involved in the biggest global endeavour humanity has ever undertaken.

Remember, all of our revenue goes directly to support the ‘New Earth Simulation for a New Age’ project and that we will always appreciate yourself as a valued contributing member helping us all to make the NEW Earth Aquarius Project successful as we work toward creating a new reality for all in this age of increasing uncertainty.

Don’t forget the Aquarius Project’s marketing company ‘Higher Divine Endeavours’!!! You’ll find them tireless masters at sourcing and supplying ALL ‘Working to Manifest A New Age’ material which registered support groups can print directly from any ‘Manifest Your Desires NOW’ 3D Printer as long as you’ve the latest printer driver update quaintly called: Easy Manifesting in Higher Dimensional Planes Ver. 7.38. Hahahahaha.

Register and start manifesting everything you need to bring the New Age we are all working together to achieve one step closer NOW!!!

If we ourselves are accurately simulating that population that put together a very advanced earth simulation project then don’t you think that there is every chance that such a project would have made full use of the latest commercially available virtual reality technologies as part of how it would promote the very important to everyone ‘earth simulation project’?

Particularly if in doing this they can persuade you to part with some money?

If we here are in a simulation then we will be simulating the population that built our simulation.

How would an Original Earth Simulation Project be presented to the Public ‘IF’ we are simulating these people?

In this respect what I describe above in terms of the possible commercial presentation of this sort of project . . .

  1. The encouraging public interest and contributions . . .
  2. The marketing of the project by using completely ‘blown out of proportion’ exciting names and descriptions . . . while . . .
  3. Supporting people to form ‘earth simulation project’ discussion & support & social groups as part of . . .
  4. Getting people interested and involved as well as focused on the ‘positive and inspiring’ aspects of the project while . . .
  5. Maximising their revenues . . .

Isn’t unreasonable in the slightest is it?

So, some questions for you reading this to consider and to ponder on before you read the next page . . .

1. How realistic is it that we would be simulating the people through the phase during which they they would have conceived of, designed and built the allegedly hypothetical earth simulation?

2. If a simulated population was being simulated though this very advanced technology phase then how realistic is it that the virtual experiences of those in the original population would be translated into much safer SPIRITUAL experiences in the simulated population (‘safer’ from the perspective of a hypothetical simulation designer of course) ?

Have a THINK about the above before reading the next page . . .

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