October 30, 2014

How would an Earth Simulation Designer get around the ‘Building a Simulation in a Simulation Visible Evidence’ Problem?

"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

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Why would having your simulated population building the same simulation result in them figuring out that they are ALREADY in the simulation they are trying to build?

Well, they’d figure this out very, VERY QUICKLY because the effort needed to create a fully functional ‘earth simulation’ of this quality would require that they spend time seriously thinking about and seriously understanding in very great detail absolutely everything that would be involved if they embarked on building a very accurate simulation of their own population.

How Would a Simulated Population figure out that they are ALREADY in the Simulation they are trying to Build?

In spending time THINKING about, figuring out and understanding in great depth and detail what would be involved for them to simulate accurate copies of themselves living though a duplicate of their own life then they would (for example) realise that STRUCTURAL behavioural anomalies (such as confirmation bias) would be COMPLETELY and unavoidably visible to their earth simulations inhabitants.

In figuring this serious problem out then it wouldn’t take too long before they would then ALSO figure out that to get around this serious problem they’d have to aggressively manage their simulated populations awareness and THINKING abilities.

In figuring BOTH of these things out then they’d have to be virtually brain dead to FAIL TO NOTICE that . . .


In other words ‘IF’ you simulate your population through the phase you built the ‘earth simulation project’ then this population of accurately copied duplicated people each living someone else’s life would mean that at some point they will automatically start to put together their very own ‘earth simulation project’.

What Anomaly Evidence would indicated to a Simulated Designer that they are ALREADY in the Simulation they are trying to Build?

Within an accurately simulated copied population, if they do NOTHING MORE onerous than carry out some stupidly simple, BASIC research coupled with some BASIC & STUPIDLY SIMPLE THINKING about what would be OPERATIONALLY involved in putting together and RUNNING a simulation project of this scale and magnitude involving self aware and free thinking people which coincidentally would ABSOLUTELY involve simulating their own population very accurately then they would figure out that you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT put such a project together without the visible presentation of various absolutely IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID structural anomalies.

In becoming aware that their earth simulation project will result in completely unavoidable STRUCTURAL ANOMALIES being completely visible to their self aware, free thinking simulated population then this may eventually lead them to figure out that the BEST WAY of getting around these problems would be to aggressively manage their simulated populations awareness, thinking & reasoning abilities . . .

In becoming aware of the various structural anomaly problems & the most stunningly OBVIOUS solution to these problems they would then NOTICE they had the very same STRUCTURAL ANOMALIES & the EASILY DEDUCED SOLUTION TO THESE PROBLEMS visibly presented and visibly OPERATIONAL in their own environment . . . at which point they’d then KNOW that they are ABSOLUTELY in the same simulation they are designing.

How would a Simulation Designer Solve the ‘Building a Simulation in a Simulation Visible Evidence’ Problem?

It’s amazing what some stupidly simple step by step rational, reasoned THINKING eventually leads to . . . .

ISN’T IT!!!!

The implementation of the easily deduced aggressive THINKING and cognitive management strategy is perhaps the only way you’d ‘rationally’ explain why academics and scientists have been backed into an ‘earth as a simulation possibilities’ dead end THINKING corner.

You might recall that I mentioned in pages within the previous series that it took me 3 months of THINKING before I realized that I needed to make a serious effort to start THINKING like a simulation project designer?

You REALLY do need to get yourself into the THINKING space of a simulation designer because it’s the best way you can become aware of the problems in designing a simulation of this magnitude (such as the confirmation bias structural anomaly feedback loop).

Then, once you become aware of these types of problem you can then start thinking of how a simulation designer would PRACTICALLY solve the problems they’d be confronted with in designing and running a simulation of this detail and scale while rendering self aware accurately copied individuals.

How would you be able to figure out that you ARE in an Operational Simulation?

At the same time ‘IF’ you do actually manage to THINK enough about operational simulation possibilities then it becomes STUPIDLY obvious that a simulation that DOESN’T actually reach the same time point as the original population that designed it actually:


Let me explain this very simply . . .

“Just imagine how accurate your weather forecast would be ‘IF’ you didn’t simulate right up to the NOW MOMENT and just ran your weather simulation using data that was over a month old.”

What a complete and utter waste of time that would be . . .

Basically, ‘IF’ you do the ‘obviously’ very rare, rational and objective, reasoned THINKING ‘thing’ and spend time studying OPERATIONAL simulations then you very quickly realize that it is entirely STUPID thinking to imagine that so much effort would have been expended to put together a simulation of this scale and detail presenting conscious, self aware, free thinking people living on an ENTIRE WORLD for it to NOT be used in ways that 99.9% of every other unbelievably EXPENSIVE simulation is used for.

Of course ‘IF’ there was any chance in the slightest that we could be in a simulation then you’d IMAGINE that the first thing that the so called clever people would have figured out is that any simulation project we’d hypothetically be in would have NATURALLY EMERGED OUT OF OUR OWN OPERATIONAL SIMULATION DEVELOPMENTS, EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE which as a result would NATURALLY and automatically have them studying our own operational simulations and expertise to then PROJECT THESE INTO THE FUTURE.

How would you rationally approach evaluating the possibility that we might be in a Simulation?

The previous paragraph describes what imagined rational, objective, reasoned THINKERS would have done if we ‘really’ lived in one of those mythical real realities.

Unfortunately with regards earth as a simulation possibilities academics and scientists are all (as far as I can tell) in a pie in the sky hypothetical ‘la la’ land such that their best guess is that we would be in some sort of distant ancestral simulation put together for reasons of nostalgia (I kid you not).

In other words rather than of doing what it is claimed scientist types actually do which would have had them checking out and evaluating the simplest and most obvious possibilities based on our very own operational simulation designs, experience and expertise first, they very obvious and embarrassingly HAVEN’T checked out the obvious possibilities AT ALL.

They obviously haven’t done this, because if they had spent time THINKING about the most obvious, most likely possibilities based on what we already know about operational simulations then I’d not be writing this because they’d already have written what is on this page well over a decade ago.

So, rather than of automatically dismissing the possibility that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation we’d ABSOLUTELY NOT be simulated as living through the phase where it was designed and built lets attempt to do what is obviously cognitively outrageous never mind impossible (at least observably so for academics) and spend time FIGURING OUT how you could make this happen . . .


As a start . . .

“Are there ways of getting around the problems of having accurately defined copies of the simulation designers own population living through the phase that their simulation was designed and built?”

For example, what would be the most obvious clue that would be visible to your simulated population ‘IF’ you are simulating very accurate people through the phase the simulation project was being built and thoroughly tested?

How would a simulation designer hide in plain sight the simulating people very, VERY ACCURATELY, accurate and extensive data collection requirement problem?

Have a THINK about this before reading the next page . . .

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