May 19, 2019

Subtle Body Skillwire Implant Technologies Facilitating Enhanced Awareness & Auto Problem Solving

This is one of my more recent ‘avoiding dangerous circumstances’ experiences which, because of the specific circumstances made it impossible for me to completely avoid encountering the ‘out of control’ people/group . . .


Another Example of an Automated Almost ‘Pre-Cognitive’ Awareness Plus ‘Facilitated/Automatic’ Strategic Responses

A friend Maya came to visit me and on deciding to have a walk down town to find somewhere to have lunch then as we are leaving the entrance of the building where I live I can hear (despite being a great distance away from us) a group of ‘very noisy, likely drunk’ guys starting to come into and walk up our street on the left hand side which has them heading towards us/where we are. I can easily hear them despite that they are probably about 150 meters away from us and well out of ‘line of sight’ viewing too. Now, as I need to be temporarily occupied to dispose of some rubbish I point out to Maya that we have to go across the street (to the right) and indicate that I’ll catch her up, so she sets off across the street/road to the path on the other side which she’s then starts to walk down (which has her on the right of the road going down while the noisy louts are on the left coming up.

Now, as I end up about 10/15 meters behind Maya (who is now on the right side of the road and walking down on the right) then, rather than go straight across to the right which would force me to walk all the way down on the path on the right which would essentially have me walking along a narrow/contained path with no side exits for about 30 meters i.e. I’d be forced to follow a FIXED & NARROW ROUTE, hence I walk out into the ‘open’ road itself and then walk down the street/road while mostly keeping to the left while also taking a line that has me very gradually drifting to the right . . . . basically I’m essentially walking down the middle of the road mostly on the left . . . ‘and’ while doing this, I’m completely ignoring the ‘louts’ coming up on the path on the left hand side.

Let me be clear with respect to what I mean by ‘completely ignoring’ in this instance . . . as a subtle being you automatically beam/out and actually ‘generally’ broadcast your internal state ALL THE TIME, so I’m ‘blanking out/neutralising’ my internal states/broadcasts so there is the least chance possible of any of them even unconsciously having any awareness of myself/my intentions . . . basically I’m making an effort to present an entirely ‘neutral/blank/none intentional’ state!!!!

At some point (this is no surprise to me, as from past ‘experience, I’m sort of expecting this to happen), the noisy group (which likely haven’t ‘consciously’ noticed myself) alter their route in such a way that they and myself are now on a collision course, i.e., they’ll end up walking right into me). They have basically, decided to leave the path and have started to walk across and down the road BUT (despite being obviously drunk and hence then pretty much unaware of anything going on around themselves) they’ve magically managed to leave the path at a specific opening between some cars while then walking in the ‘EXACT’ line/direction and at exactly the right pace (despite that they are drunk and hence somewhat ‘shambling’) that would have them directly intercepting/walking into myself (while likely being absolutely completely aware of this possibility either).

They will also be completely ‘unconscious’ of anything/everything of this because they’re obviously drunk (it’s likely much easier to ‘puppet/manipulate’ people whom are drunk).

While all of this is unfolding/in progress I do what I normally do in these circumstances and completely ignore them, I never look at them/not even a glance, I completely behave as if I’ve no knowledge of them or where they are!!! However when I’m sure that their course is both ‘FIXED’ AND ON AN INTERCEPT COURSE WITH MINE (and hence are then committed to maintaining) I then initiate a route alteration/diversion that has me directly diverting to the right, straight for the path and side exit out of the street . . . at this point (despite that they are actually behind myself) I can very much ‘feel’ them all sort of become ‘aimless”, as if they suddenly find themselves walking in the middle of the road likely not quite knowing how they got there while very likely also not being very sure about where ‘exactly’ they were all actually heading for and or ‘WHY’ they feel as if something is not right either . . . !!!

Maya, whom had been waiting a few yards further down the road had been watching all of this happening and directly pointed out that they ‘seemed’ to have been deliberately (in a drunken state) taking a direct line to collide with myself AND specifically to confront me/cause me ‘problems’.

Now, in coming across the earlier writing efforts of the very first example and then writing the example above here, then I eventually started to recall a conversation that I’d had many years ago now with a friend of mine Kay whom had actually described and explained the subtle body technologies/systems/implants that were likely responsible for these type of ‘predictive’ experiences, which also then made me aware that I’d completely forgotten about this particular conversation too . . .

For those of you reading this whom are ‘fixated’ on the entirely false ‘physical only’ meme/belief, and particularly as it’s a quite popular as well as globally reinforced falsehood, then let me clarify our ‘real’ circumstances for you, because this is likely a necessary pre-requisite with respect to giving you some essential background and foundation context which you’ll need to help you get your head around/some of the descriptions and explanations I’ll be offering/presenting as this series progresses!!!

We are each ‘Simulating’ a None Physical Androgynous ‘Subtle’ Being/Form Interfaced to a Physical Human Form

The subtle forms/beings that represent ‘WHO WE REALLY ARE’ are all ‘androgynous’.

In other words, for each of you reading this, your really ‘real’ body is neither ‘sexual’ in nature, nor is it one or the other of two separate genders either.

Coincidentally, in it actually being both asexual as well as none gendered then this has your real ‘subtle’ body/form most of the time ‘generally’ propagating via a type of full subtle body ‘division’ in ways and ‘via’ mechanisms which are somewhat substantially equivalent to how a single celled ‘amoeba’ would actually propagate such that the outcome of these subtle body ‘dividing’ efforts would then be generally recognised as a ‘twin’ of the original subtle being/form that ‘divided’ itself . . . in other words, the ‘progeny’ of these division/dividing efforts would ‘generally/by and large’ be described and named as ‘twins’!!!

We are Each ‘Also’ a Duplicated Copy of Someone Else Living out a An Already Pre-defined life

An even more ‘confounding’ revelation which is also absolutely ‘true’ is that our entire reality and current circumstances is by and large a duplicated copy of AN ENVIRONMENT & CIRCUMSTANCES OF ‘SOMEWHERE’ ELSE, which for those of you reading this that are being rendered by our simulation’s software as having some decently functioning mental abilities, then you’ll already have figured out that this essentially means that you yourself, everyone else and our entire reality are then all entirely defined and rendered by software/logic systems . . . basically, you/everyone else and well as ‘everything’ of our reality is an entirely software defined duplicate of somewhere else . . . which then makes ‘YOU READING THIS’ a direct copy/duplicate of some specific person/form/being from another reality/somewhere else.

In other words, everyone here is actually living out an already pre-defined/duplicated life of someone else, which here/now also has everyone here as the subtle being/form we all/each actually are, being directly interfaced into a much more dense ‘strata’ of reality (the ‘physical’) while also being directly as well as seamlessly interfaced to a very bizarre human body form/remote vehicle that unbelievably actually presents two separate genders (hence the easily globally observed ‘gender’ confusion anomalous experiences that many are ‘presenting with’ here).

Just in case you’re a little skeptical about this, then extensive evidence of ourselves as androgynous subtle beings as ‘twins’ are presented within the ‘Androgynous’ evidence page on

So, in my terms ‘Skillwire’ technologies are exceptionally sophisticated/complicated subtle body implants (i.e. they are ‘not’ wired into the physical body) that are for the most part completely integrated into many subtle body functioning areas, i.e. skillwire technologies comprise many ‘integrated’ subtle implants/technologies that have been wired into our invisible but ‘real’ subtle body which MATRIX film style is likely lying in a sealed pod somewhere and hence is not only out of sight BUT quite often for the majority of people it’s also outside the boundaries of ‘conceptual/mental’ consideration too. The subtle body, subtleware skillwire technologies are also completely integrated into the subtle to physical body interfacing such that the systems that are part of the skillwire setup can under certain often pre-defined conditions take over and directly ‘maneuver/autopilot’ the remote interfaced physical body form i.e. YOURSELF ‘HERE’.

So, for you reading this, your ‘temporary’ remote ‘vehicle’ is your easily observed human body form, you know the body which you reading this likely automatically mistakenly identify as ‘yourself’!!!!

Now as web searches of ‘Skillwire’ make me aware that these are actually very commonly referred to, BUT only within descriptions of very sophisticated implants of various types, which, very BIZARRELY, are part of some SOFTWARE DEFINED GAMES/GAMING EFFORTS AS ‘SOME’ CHARACTERS PRE-DEFINED & OR ACQUIRED ‘TOOLS, KNOWLEDGE & SKILL SETS’ . . . then I’m temporarily a little bit taken aback . . . and this is particularly the case because I’ve such vast experience of lots of utterly ‘REAL’ subtle body implants such that I’ve a gazillion page web series on one of my web sites (the intro page and page list of that series is here) where I wrote and described in great detail not only of very comprehensively DIRECT INVESTIGATIONS of these but in many instances I was working to remove these and or redesigning some of these and or having my teams of invisible subtle colleagues within the subtle strata helping to do this too . . . !!!!

So, if we are duplicates of people and we are being simulated here as interfaced to a physical human body form ‘BUT’ I’ve vast experience of being aware of and accessing and ‘dealing with’ a whole range of subtle implants then there must be many other people here that are also simulating someone that has experiences of designing these too . . . ‘now’ within the above linked series I’ve a page here, that describes myself becoming aware of designing some implants that I became aware of within my own invisible subtle body specifically when I was checking and trying to become aware of what if anything ‘within myself’ was contributing to my ‘not really sleeping’ problem/issue . . . which on finding these I then ‘somehow’ modified these which then resulted in the ‘not really sleeping issue’ (which I’d had for over a decade) going away . . .

However, in writing this current series and in it being about anomalous experiences to do with subtle implants I end up remembering yet another set of bizarre/anomalous experiences that at that time in my life (well before I was aware of or knowledgeable about ANYTHING OF THESE POSSIBILITIES AT ALL) such that, what I was aware of that seemed to be happening/unfolding within myself didn’t make any sense (despite that these inner experiences were ‘VERY’ coherent/consistent over the weeks and maybe months they were happening), however, these specific experiences were also about designing subtle body integrated implants too . . . which ‘again’ I’d completely forgotten about until while writing this series I started to recall these experiences too . . .

Read about these design early subtle implant design and ‘modification/adjustment’ efforts on the next page . . .

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