Advice for Healer Trainees

Which energy or healing systems do you recommend?

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We recommend none and all. We would say that different systems offer (by and large) different approaches and very different focuses.

These give them more success with regards certain challenges and less with others. A better question would be ”Which would be best for me to work with?”. The best advise I can give you is to sit down and really find within yourself why you want to do it.

What is it that you REALLY want?

Make an honest list

Include things like wanting to make money from doing this (if you do?). Then invite in your spirit support team or GOD or the creative potential of the universe (or whatever you feel comfortable with) and ask them to support you in getting this. Then you go looking.

Explore what is offered by different systems: Shen, Tamaki, Vortex healing, a Spiritualist Church, Reiki and so on. Then ring people up and see / feel / intuit which appeals to you – see which you are drawn to (Do not assume that what they offer is the same).

If none appeal on the first attempt then wait a while and then look again. Some approaches are orientated to resolving physical problems, others emotional and so on. Some are very heavy on the philosophy and origins side which is great if that is what you want.

Who should I train with?

So, our advice is that you should go for some training that you are interested in or that appeals to you. Some energy workers start doing it naturally (as happened to me) and others start by going for training. Although I started naturally I then went for training, this was both because I was guided to and because it was good to have support with others who have some appreciation of your experiences (however limited).

Whom ever you train with keep the following in mind. It is a two edged sword . . . .

On the one hand it is good to have support and encouragement and to associate with someone who can at the very least guide you with respect to their understandings. On the other hand, the draw back of training is that people will guide you with respect to their understandings, which from my experience usual means a very limited perspective.

The benefits of natural abilities . . .

Natural healers are generally freer of philosophies and have the possibility to be more creative in what they are doing.

Without support you can have a very difficult time coming to terms with your new perceptions and resulting uncommon perspectives and understandings. What I would say is that for those of you who are really interested in really exploring themselves and the beyond then I would advise you to consider training with someone who either started naturally or who has left behind everything that they learnt from training and who is also more open to possibilities and change.

Also keep the following in mind:

What about Qualifications then?

Qualifications are important if they will support you to do what you want to do in the way that you want to do it. My own experience comes from me healing me. For example, having consciously faced and dealt with literally thousands of my own entity attachments (many on an individual one to one basis) then my own understandings are first hand and my solutions are neither theoretical nor fear based (at least not NOW).

It does not matter what your training covers, it does not matter how many books you have read or how many expert healers you have worked with. When it is happening to you and you solve it then no other experience or understanding comes close.this is a FACT!!!

What substitute is their for experience? NONE

Since I started working with energies the training time I have put in while resolving my own issues and challenges is somewhat more than that put in by a Junior Doctor. Who can award me a qualification for all that I have done on me? And who would be qualified to do so?

Having said that its good to get some training in different approaches. For some of you it will give you new ideas and for others it will make you aware of their limitations and spur you to move beyond them. It must also be said that bits of paper are often important for you to be acknowledged by various authorities. Although I am absolutely sure that certificates are a good measure of the experience and qualifications for nuclear reactor designers or electronic engineers or medical doctors, from my own experience bits of paper are no measure of the experience, integrity, understanding or awareness of an energy worker or healing practitioner.

What about Anatomy and Physiology are they necessary?

YES absolutely and NO not at all. Energy or healing work is supported and empowered with confidence and experience. As energy work has no basis from the perspective of science at large and has a mixed reception amongst health professionals and the general public, then many within it require a badge of confidence and or respectability either from a personal point of view or from the point of view of getting a particular energy system recognized and accepted within conventional circles.

We are living within societies that are becoming increasingly fear ridden, over-regulated and controlled. So, for some people having Anatomy and Physiology as part of their training although completely unnecessary from an energy channelling and potential outcome point of view will from a personal standing give them confidence and others confidence in them that will help them be effective energy workers and healers where they would otherwise not feel able.

I am not putting anything down here, all I am saying is that energy channelling will fit into and work with whatever approach you want to present. Whether this is anatomy, physiology, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, psychology, massage, reflexology and so on only makes a difference in that it will be accepted and available to those who can accept and be comfortable with that particular presentation.

Is it right to take money for healing work?

You charge if you want to and you don’t charge if you don’t want to. It is your choice? My own energy work has self responsibility at the core. People who come want core issues resolved. It is an observable truth that those who don’t make a fair payment generally do not respond to the work as well as those who do. This is because whether we like it or not money is a very strong measure of value and worth and ‘some’ (certainly not all) not making a commitment of value and worth are not making a commitment to themselves.

Client commitment is often a factor

The same generally happens if I go to a client rather than have them come to me. This is usually because either they are not making a commitment to their own movement or they are (on some level) making me responsible for making them better. Despite what some think there is no degradation in the quality of outcome whether you charge or not. There will be a degradation of quality if you have issues in this area and for example are not charging but feel that you should or you are charging but feel that you should not. Having beliefs that are in alignment with what you are doing is a very important factor in energy work. From where I stand, people will continue to argue until they reach and embrace more of all that they are and step closer to themselves. The closer you get to this place the less you can partake of these issues simply because you find that they no longer remain as issues for you.

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