New Age Contradictions to Conscious Evolution, Love, Compassion & Sharing Values

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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"

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One of the primary contradictions presented by many whom consider themselves spiritual, lightworker or new age types is the idea that they have a greater ‘awareness’ while oddly this ‘greater’ awareness doesn’t seem to endow such people with even a slight ability to become aware of even basic contradictions that are often presented within new age material itself.

Becoming Aware of Serious New Age & Spiritual Contradictions

Remaining unaware of contradictions is unfortunate because contradictions are actually a serious pointer indicating that your beliefs, ideas, understandings, facts and so on don’t actually ‘really’ reflect how you imagine reality to be.

In this respect contradictions should be used to prompt you to seriously reassess your ‘reality and knowledge’ map and have you spending quality time thinking about what such contradictions might mean.

Deepak Chopra defines some ‘New Age’ Values

On this page HERE which includes ‘values’ such as;

Conscious Evolution, Self-Determination, Love, Compassion In Action

As part of describing conscious evolution he states; We can actually accelerate the process (of conscious evolution) through meditation, through the ability to find stillness through loving actions, through compassion and sharing.

I’ll highlight; “loving actions, compassion and sharing”

So, if someone well known within the new age movement made strong presentations that were the opposite of the above would new age, new spirituality people actually be ‘awake’ and aware enough to notice this or even better empowered enough to point a serious contradiction out?

Just how extreme would a new age presentation have to be that was obviously ‘seriously’ not in alignment with core new age ‘light’ values (loving actions, compassion, sharing for example) for people to notice and point this out?

Would you Notice ‘Bad’ New Age Contradictions or Fallacies?

This article series includes such an example and then points out lots of contradictions both with this particular new age presentation as well as of new age belief conundrums in general.

A fun packed series even if I do say so myself . . .

As per usual you’ll have a more rounded and ‘scary’ experience if you read them in order.

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