October 17, 2014

Why did NO ONE THINK of Evaluating Spiritual Sayings For Validity for Matrix or a Simulation Project Possibilities?

"Earth as a Simulation Series I: How the New Age movements spiritual sayings are 'correct' for a COPIED population where everyone is 'accurately' living SOMEONE ELSE's LIFE. How 'Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance' are the deducible 'Fixed Behaviours' a copied population will present BUT, wont figure out because 'software' defined people can easily be managed."

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How come all of the ‘new age’ sayings that I list below would actually turn out to be correct ‘IF’ we are simulated copied people living in someone’s simulation project?
  1. Earth Represents Everyone and Everything ✓
  2. There Is Nothing New in ALL OF CREATION ✓
  3. Earth is the Centre of Everything ✓
  4. Each Person’s Experiences & Understandings are ALL Equally Valid ✓
  5. Everything is ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding ✓
  6. Everyone is Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfect’ for Themselves ✓
  7. All Paths Lead to the Same Place ✓
  8. We are all interconnected and EVERYTHING is interconnected and interdependent of everything and everyone in all of Creation ✓
  9. We originate from ‘Source’ which is “The Creator Of All That Is ✓
  10. We all connected and part of one universal mind ✓
  11. Everything here is an illusion ✓
  12. As Above So Below, the Microcosm Reflects The Macrocosm ✓
  13. Why ALL the World is a Stage AND Why we are EACH AN ACTOR ON THAT STAGE ✓

Perhaps an even better question to ask is this . . .

How come we have 300+ million web pages written by many people questioning the nature of our reality AND apparently no one managed to do the most stupidly SIMPLEST thing imaginable which was to actually evaluate OFTEN USED so called ‘spiritual’ sayings that would be IMPOSSIBLE ‘IF’ we were in a real reality to see if they’d be valid if we were in one of the two WELL KNOWN about alternate realities?

Is this information supposed to be kept TOP SECRET or is it that because you are simulating software defined people it would be stupidly easy to manage their awareness, thinking and evaluating abilities so make sure that they DON’T think of anything that would ‘worry’ a simulation designer.

Why did NO ONE Evaluate Spiritual Sayings to check for Validity for either of the two Popular, Commonly Known About Alternate Reality Possibilities?

Don’t you THINK that it would be the most RATIONAL, objective or even intuitive thing to do ‘IF’ some group of people were describing reality in ways that CANNOT BE POSSIBLE ‘IF’ we are in a real reality to check if either of the two most commonly known about alternate realities would actually accommodate their descriptions?

Shouldn’t it be the most RATIONAL, OBJECTIVE and REASONED thing to do that ‘IF’ you were to EVER find yourself stating ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ about ‘something’ because that impossible ‘something’ was IMPOSSIBLE with respect to the characteristics of an assumed REAL REALITY that you’d then automatically get off your arse and check to see if the IMPOSSIBLE THING would be POSSIBLE if we were living in either of the two commonly known about, well written about and very comprehensively DISCUSSED alternate realities?

For those that claim to be REASONED, RATIONAL & OBJECTIVE THINKERS you’d imagine that they would occasionally be observably seen to exhibit some REASONED, RATIONAL & OBJECTIVE THINKING as opposed to what they often do which is to observably AUTOMATICALLY dismiss ‘alternate’ possibilities out of hand while exercising absolutely no thinking capacity OF ANY SORT whatsoever with regards even conceptually checking out the dismissed possibilities . . .

Perhaps it’s even more interesting that with millions of pages discussing matrix and simulation possibilities that those interested in, are writing about, researching and or discussing alternate reality possibilities obviously haven’t thought about doing this either.

Perhaps no one has been allowed to think of doing something so obvious, because ‘IF’ anyone was allowed to do this then you end up with 13 new age so called spiritual sayings that each very definitely fail the big bang, natural laws, etc ‘real’ reality test while strangely they receive full marks if we are simulated copies of people living in someone’s simulation project. In other words you could say that we now have a small pile of ‘indirect’ evidence suggesting that we are all LIVING IN A SIMULATION.

Why we are in a Simulation and NOT a Matrix

I should point out that all the above sayings are ONLY correct for an accurately defined and rendered DUPLICATED REALITY generated on some sort of super computer.

Which means that because a Matrix Reality ISN’T about making an accurate copy AND a matrix is of REAL people whom are therefore not then software defined by some allegedly ‘divine’ source code then NONE of the above sayings would be correct ‘IF’ we are real people living in a Matrix. Of course I’ve also written a page describing what I think is actually going on here, because as far as I can tell we are simulating people already living in a Matrix. This would contribute to general confusion of ‘what is causing what’ because this double layer would make it all more difficult to figure out and pull apart what would cause different anomalies.

Is it possible that there might be some visible and way more DIRECT evidence that we are in a simulation beyond the ‘fact’ that rather a lot of so called spiritual sayings all suggest we might be?

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