October 21, 2014

Where are the Definitions of Glitch, Anomaly and Artefact for a Simulated Reality?

"Earth as a Simulation Series I: How the New Age movements spiritual sayings are 'correct' for a COPIED population where everyone is 'accurately' living SOMEONE ELSE's LIFE. How 'Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance' are the deducible 'Fixed Behaviours' a copied population will present BUT, wont figure out because 'software' defined people can easily be managed."

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Have you managed to figure out what other information would be seriously useful ‘IF’ you wanted to have even a basic chance of ‘THINKING’ about realistic ‘earth as a simulation’ project possibilities BUT which is ALSO missing?

Why are all ‘Simulation Argument’ Speculation Pages Missing Basic Foundation Information?

Well, imagined ‘experts’ never define what a glitch or an anomaly would be ‘IF’ we are in some sort of computer simulation (apparently either everyone already knows this, or it’s written ‘somewhere’ but they use invisible writing OR the final possibility is that this information is TOP SECRET).

They NEVER define or give examples of what a potential simulation ‘Glitch’ might be . . . (apparently either everyone already knows this, or it’s written ‘somewhere’ but they use invisible writing OR the final possibility is that this information is TOP SECRET).

They NEVER define or give examples of what could cause a potential simulation ‘Anomaly’ . . . (apparently either everyone already knows this, or it’s written ‘somewhere’ but they use invisible writing OR the final possibility is that this information is TOP SECRET).

Why are ‘Simulation Argument’ Speculation Pages Missing Information About ‘Simulations’?

As a result of the above we find ourselves unbelievably pretty much in a situation where everyone uses the term glitch as the default term for ANYTHING that might possibly ACTUALLY be an anomaly . . .

Yes, we are in an amazing information age where an unbelievable effort is made to DEFINE and categorize everything except apparently for ANYTHING even slightly related to ‘earth simulation’ possibilities. THINKING about these areas is so unbelievably retarded than no one even notices the lack of definitions or basic foundation information.

Even the very people that rely on carefully defining EVERYTHING to provide a coherent THINKING and reasoning foundation give an incredibly good impression of being seriously feeble minded for all ‘earth as a simulation’ presentations that I’ve personally encountered.

Why are ‘Simulation Argument’ Pages Missing Definitions of ‘Simulations’?

And . . . on the world where absolutely everyone is ‘made to be completely feeble minded’ . . . not one alleged academic, NOT one alleged rational, objective, reasoned THINKING person . . .


. . . OR LONG ENOUGH . . .



‘IF’ we are in a Simulation Project

How much THINKING would it take before it would sink in reading these pages that ‘IF’ anyone, ANYONE, as in JUST ONE PERSON managed to THINK enough to figure out decent definitions AND write enough to understand in DETAIL what it would mean to be a software defined copied person in a simulation project then they’d likely figure out that what is observed and described as confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance is exactly what you’d expect a simulated population to exhibit.

Then if anyone got this far they they’d likely wonder why as this is all so stupidly simple that they themselves took ages THINKING about these possibilities before they figured this out AND why ‘observably’ NO ONE else ANYWHERE has apparently been able to figure this out either?

Why are ‘Simulation Argument’ Speculation Pages APPALLING in QUALITY, An Embarrassment?

If they get this far then they might just realise that to manage your simulated residents to appear as THICK as two very, VERY short planks for specific information THINKING lines would be STUPIDLY easy to implement.

It took me 6 months of THINKING about ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities BEFORE I started to become aware that confirmation bias was SUSPICIOUS. It still took me another full YEAR of THINKING before I could figure out what I write on many of these pages AND somewhat longer before I could lay it out in stupidly simple point by point reasoning detail needed to explain the REAL ORIGINS of confirmation bias.

As someone that in the distant past wrote professional quality statistical analysis software that was sold internationally, and whom also worked for years as a medical research scientist (scientific papers here) AND whom also worked as a manager of a central resources research facility then I estimate that writing the cognitive managing software would add at most about 2% extra in terms of both TIME & COST to the entire earth simulation project we are living in.

In other words the cost of directly cognitively managing an entirely simulated population would be unbelievably cheap.

This being done is perhaps the only way one can ‘rationally; explain the observable cognitive FRAILTIES of ‘experts’ as in our academics and scientists . . .

Obviously if these personal management strategies were implemented then they would result in seriously OBSERVABLE evidence as in AS A START that no one even NOTICES that basic foundation information on ALL EARTH SIMULATION WORRYING web pages which you’d need before you could even START THINKING about these possibilities IS MISSING FROM EVERYWHERE (apart from here (they are below)).

No on is EVEN AWARE ENOUGH IN A BASIC SENSE to even notice what is missing.

NO ONE NOTICES that there are no decent definitions of ANYTHING even on so called ‘expert’ pages ANYWHERE.

All of this missing information is OF COURSE also contributing EVIDENCE that we are in a simulation because the only way this could happen is if invisible, undetectable software was managing everyone AND particularly academics.

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