January 28, 2012

New Age, Spiritual & Lightwork Global Surreal Satire

I’m going to use some of my blog posts to present a surreal and satirical outlook on new age, spiritual, healing and lightwork topics. I’ll probably throw in some (made up) predictions too because everyone seems to do this . . . I’ll also try and make these topical with regards current global events and craziness too . . . I hope to get one post out along these lines every month or so. So, in the future you’ll have posts on the rarely mentioned global time shortage crisis, we will also reveal never before ‘revealed’ information on the multiple pole shifting earth alignment that’s been happening for a while, the real truth of what is responsible for global warming and some very definite predictions of ascension . . . maybe . . . maybe not . . . maybe quite soon . . . don’t hold your breath though . . . So, more ‘fun’ pages to chuckle over while giving you different perspectives on . . . everything . . . and . . . everything else . . .

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