October 2, 2020

Many Interplanetary Cultures ALL Now Trading on 1 Single Planet Anomalies

I am sure that some reading the previous page/section might present some, ‘What Advanced WTC Building Technology’ reactions!!!

In which case, can you ‘identify’ anything that specifically peculiar/strange about our single planets, profusion of world trade centres?

Isn’t it ‘odd’ that we actually have world trade centre buildings/towers pretty much everywhere (one or even more in many individual countries), strangely they are also not individually named as being a specific countries trade centre i.e. they aren’t named in ways that are more realistic with respect to them each representing a specific country or group of countries such that ‘realistically’ you’d actually expect each to be named in ways that would more accurately reflect that it’s a specific country “X’s” International Trading Centre’!!!

Such that say Italy’s trading centre building would then be called the ‘Italian International Trading Centre’ while the Russians would have their own ‘Russian International Trading Centre’ etc. etc.

However, if each trading centre building here is actually directly ‘representing’ an actual entire planet or many planets or even an entire disc world, then wouldn’t it be likely that it would be referred to as that specific world or collection of worlds: “WORLD TRADING CENTRE”.

Coincidentally on the World Trade Centre’s web site they present the following world trade centre description:

“A World Trade Centre brings together businesses involved in international trade from around the globe. The World Trade Centres Association, headquartered in New York City, is the umbrella organization for over 330 World Trade Centres in more than 100 countries.”

Now, if you translate the above in terms of different places on our planets surface here actually directly ‘representing’ either different planets and or bits of copied and pasted disc worlds then the above would suggest that the original many inhabited planets multiverse had inter world/inter planetary system trading centres, associated with 330 planets/disc worlds with perhaps the headquarters or central ‘hub’ of these associated with a specific place, that within our cut down reality version here seems to be being represented as the ‘New York’ World Trade Centres Association Building!!!!

So, if you think about this for a while, then any specific planet acting as a ‘world or worlds’ trading centre is then very, very likely to offer the ability for traders arriving with goods within space ships somewhere to dock and unload as well as load any bought/traded items inclusive of places/spaces to display and also to buy and sell goods!!!

Interplanetary Goods Traders & Tourists Space Port Docking Possibilities Discussed

In other words some individual planets or any even a specific group of local planets/disc worlds trading centre would very likely include means to accommodate the docking of different trading space ships perhaps inclusive of convenient/easy means to directly convey goods up and down between what would likely be an orbiting platform and the local planets surface.

In this respect the use of a permanent space elevator between some fixed ground based building and a ‘kept in stationary orbit above the ground facility’ space station to which traders from other worlds would then dock to ‘trade’ would likely be the most realistic option and particularly within a multiverse whose technologies are (very obviously) way in advance of our own!!!

In checking wikipedia I found the following written on space elevators:

“A space elevator is a type of planet-to-space transportation system using a cable anchored to the surface and extending into space. The design would permit vehicles to travel along the cable from a planetary surface, such as the Earth’s, directly into space or orbit, without the use of large rockets. The space elevator concept appeared in 1895 by Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, he considered a similar tower that reached all the way into space.”

In that any upper ‘fixed position’ space station would offer amazing views of the planet below then it’s very likely not a coincidence that the very top floors of New Yorks World Trade Centre offer both a large restaurant called the ‘Windows on the World’, a smaller restaurant (called the ‘Wild Blue’) plus a separate bar called (‘The Greatest Bar on Earth’) within floors 106 and 107 (only 3 & 4 floors from the very top) of the North World Trade Tower hence then likely offering spectacular aerial city views from these.

So, if the top floors of the WTC are actually ‘really’ representing a space station, then they would automatically present spectacular views of the earth from space very likely from places that would sell food and drinks to those that wanted to take in the amazing views.

Interestingly, the actual view of the earth from space if you where actually on a real space station (rather than the view from the top of a large building) could very, very easily be summed up as ‘Wild Blue’ (see photo on the left here)!!!!

Coincidentally, the actual ‘real’ view from the top of the towers (at least from the actual muddy coloured water visible ‘bay’ side) can be seen via the photo on the right above here.

The No Inter System Space Trading Infrastructure, No Space Vessels nor Orbiting Space Platform Problem

Coincidentally if an actual tethered to the earth via an elevator tower space station was actually attacked from space the direct cable elevator connection would very likely seriously stress the land based tower, very possibly enough to make it keel over and or completely collapse.

However, it is also possible (because the orbiting station will have being specifically designed to always STAY DIRECTLY ABOVE THE GROUND STRUCTURE IT IS DIRECTLY TETHERED TO), that it would actually stand a reasonable chance of falling directly onto the lower tower it is tethered too, which would perhaps then cause it to completely collapse!!!

A Lower Tech Reality Version Will Present Alternate Lower Tech Versions of Original Structures & Vehicles

Also, any directly attacked and hence then structurally damaged orbiting space station would very likely lose it’s atmosphere, perhaps particularly through more vulnerable windowed ‘viewing’ areas, such that anyone within the space station, in the equivalent of a restaurant or bar, perhaps there specifically to take in and enjoy the spectacular views (of the planet below) would then stand a reasonable chance of being ejected into space, after which I’m sure at least in some cases (based on their ejected trajectory) this happening could potentially have them falling all the way to the surface of the planet.

Interestingly, two of the companies with business’s within the ‘world’ trade centres that collapsed were called Majestic Star Yacht Chartering & Pluto Commodities!!!!

Also, if the earth is made up of many copied and pasted land pieces from many different inhabited planets and or disc worlds then planes/commercial aircraft here (even ones just flying between states never mind different countries) would then actually ‘symbolically’ be representing commercial space craft specifically taking people between one planet in one solar system to another planet within a different solar system.

In other words (to sum the above up) interplanetary and inter system craft would very likely dock with and disembark passengers directly to a space station above a planet which is also likely to have a space elevator type arrangement specifically because they’d likely try to avoid having inter planetary craft travelling though the atmosphere to land directly on a world (too dangerous).

The bottom line to the above ‘speculation’ is that many trading places directly associated with a planet would very likely have and use a space elevator, such that trading vessels would always then approach and then dock with a space station.

Coincidentally, the danger with this above described very ‘logical’ arrangement is of interplanetary craft being used and or even hijacked, taken over and then piloted specifically to have them crash into the upper tethered to a space elevator space station directly!!!!

While writing and re-writing this and the earlier 911 delayed technologies event section while also then thinking about the space port possibility, I remembered a film called ‘The 5th Element’ very specifically because part of it includes a journey on a commercial passenger transporting space ship very specifically of a design suspiciously equivalent to a modern international aircraft.

In checking out this film directly for scenes showing the space liner specifically I am then reminded that a fair part of the film was based within a very high tech version of New York (with flying vehicles everywhere).

Interestingly, within the film the space liner is presented not only taking off from New York BUT from a location that is very, very close to the location from where the twin towers should be. However, strangely the twin towers themselves are actually missing from this film.

This film (to myself) very strongly suggests that at least parts of New York could be representing a city within space i.e. a very large city scale/space station/orbital platform.

The Living a Duplicated Life Anomalous Accuracy In Duplicating Important Details Problem

Isn’t it possible that certain duplicated/copied reality ‘things/events/experiences’ are so important that they have to be duplicated i.e. ‘lived’ extremely accurately!!!!

While checking out the film I found the below which was written by someone working on the 5th element film itself whom is talking about different aspects of what was involved in making the film!!!!

“And I can’t remember what we were working in, maybe Prisms, it was kind of rough to get the whole thing set up. But then we started animating to the boards, and when we were ready Luc came in to start reviewing some of the shots. And we were so happy that he didn’t talk about style or finish quality or anything, he just started directing the shots. He started doing his job right away like he’d been doing it all the time.

And, this is a little aside, but it came up in a conversation I had recently with Luc’s visual effects producer Sophie Leclerc on Valerian. She said Luc could direct the previs because he had the whole movie in his head, and then she did a funny thing. We had lunch together about a month or so ago and she did a funny thing where she said she’d asked him a question about story or about shots or something like that, and he’d lift his eyes like this and think about it for a second and then come down and give her a straight answer, and that was it, that was the answer. And that’s the way he always was with me too. And to me he’s looking up and playing back the movie in his head and just seeing how the cut works with your shot in it. He knew the movie, you know he had the movie in his head, and he was just executing what was already in his head. So that was neat, that was really cool.”

I’ve also read similar accounts to the above not just for films BUT also with respect to people writing some books too.

Basically if we are actually living within a duplicated reality then this means that many aspects of our lives are pre-defined, and some aspects of some peoples lives will have to be very precisely defined because likely the person they are a copy of influenced many people very specifically via a book they wrote and or because of a film they contributed to making. It is in fact very, very likely that in the duplicated reality under specific circumstances it’s actually exceptionally important that the end result is a decently accurate ‘duplicated’ version of the original such that they will essentially then be directly internally fed the book or play or film script in exacting detail.

Basically, under these circumstances you’d likely have the book/story/screen play directly ‘channelled’ i.e. fed into their head, very likely IN AMAZING/EXACTING DETAIL!!!!

How would advanced space travel, space vehicles and particularly those involved in commercial space travelling incidents/accidents/crashes and particularly major ones be presented here when we don’t have anything of these as part of out current societies?

Interestingly shortly after writing the above section I watched a science fiction series called ‘The Event’ which has an air plane identical to our ‘international’ air craft ‘manifesting’ in flight in the air somewhere above the USA to then crash in a desert. However, before help arrives a few of the survivors leave the crash site while the rest are taken and then kept imprisoned when they are later identified as none human ‘aliens’!!!!

For myself personally the scenes covering the ‘materialization’ of the airplane gave me the strong impression that it had actually just dropped out of hyperspace.

Basically you have what is a ‘normal’ looking international flight aircraft full of people that seem to be of Persian/Arab origins seemingly magically materialising out of nowhere to then crash. Those that leave the crash site then do everything they can with the money they have to setup a company specifically to then build an earth orbital communications satellite which on being launched then goes through an unfurling and activation process after which it then orientates itself to send signals out into space i.e. the survivors are trying to directly contact and hence then get help from their own peoples on their OWN HOME PLANET!!!!

Two Trading Space Station Platforms Right Next to Each other Are Perfectly Placed For Anyone Daring Enough to Try to Space Walk (or jump) Between Them

Before the twin towers attack the original two towers where not only very close to each other BUT they were both exactly the same height to the flat topped roof area.

Coincidentally, if the top of each of these towers is actually really ‘representing’ an independent geostationary space station, then (in space) they must actually be very close to each other. In which case isn’t it be somewhat possible (if not reasonably likely) that some dare devil type would attempt to do a free space walk/jump between the two geostationary space platforms?

Basically isn’t it likely that some dare devil type would try and make it from one space station to the next IN A SPACE SUIT rather than say, via a space shuttle?

However, to do this they’d have to very precisely launch themselves from one space station on a very, very ‘precise/exacting’ STRAIGHT LINE trajectory in an attempt to ensure that when they arrived at the other space structure (very likely) at a very precise place where that they can safely anchor themselves and or otherwise be ‘caught’ maybe even by someone waiting on the other station!!!!

Coincidentally, the below was written by Philippe Petit, a tightrope walking artiste whom did something pretty equivalent to a space walk/jump between two space type structures by walking across a rope/wire which was strung between the the very top of the two world trade buildings:

“That gray morning of Aug. 7, 1974, the twins, separated at birth, acquiesced in a temporary union, as they welcomed a trespassing poet determined to etch his destiny upon the sky. I linked them with a smile, that of my cable’s catenary curve.

The curve of my involuntary smile mirrored that of the cable as I took my first steps. The towers whispered in awe. At mid-crossing, I sat down to contemplate the horizon and noticed that it, like my balancing pole, was slightly curved; the towers had imparted to me a most important discovery: “The earth is round!”

They quieted down the moment I genuflected, so that I could hear the clamoring of the astonished audience that had gathered a quarter of a mile below. The towers kindly held their breath as I lay down upon the wire, they eavesdropped on my silent dialogue with a red-eyed seagull that hovered above me.”

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