April 11, 2019

Walkers Crisps Packets Mandela Effect Memory Colour Swap Analysis & Likely Explanation!!!

"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

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I started to write this series in early January 2018, the longer I spent concertedly ‘THINKING/MUSING’ about this specific Mandela effect the more and more I gradually became aware of with respect to the full range and scale of anomalous factors that are associated with this specific Mandela Effect.

Basically, the more time I spent thinking about and appraising/evaluating my own Walkers Crisps Mandela effect (which had myself reading a lot of web pages/sites on this and other Mandela Effects sites as well as memory functioning sites), the more I started to become aware that it was exceptionally rare for anyone to even attempt to relate or evaluate any Mandela Effects with respect to ‘HOW MEMORY ACTUALLY WORKS/FUNCTIONS’, in fact I didn’t find any site focused on Mandela Effects that actually went into memory functioning AT ALL!!!

In that I’ve had a lot of anomalous experiences ‘AND’ in writing about a lot of these over the last decade and a half which has had me examining these/the circumstances of these AND MYSELF WITH RESPECT TO THESE CIRCUMSTANCES/AND MY PAST, IN GREAT DETAIL then this has ‘eventually’ had me becoming aware of all sorts of factors, and particularly anomalous factors which have led me to figuring out all sorts of things, including things about my own internal functioning!!!

Now, I posted the last article/page of this series on the 31 May 2018 (it’s now March 2019), at that time I had another 4 ‘explanation/conclusion’ pages/sections pretty much already written BUT the main ‘problem’ was that in continually thinking about the Blue<>Green colour ‘memory’ swap that is specific to the Walkers Crisp packet Mandela Effect (as described on the last page), this had me gradually becoming aware of and recording more and more anomalous factors that are all very specific to this Mandela effect then it gradually became obvious that my ‘explanation’ was not only ‘NOT’ correct BUT because the new explanation was exceptionally different and also quite ‘shocking’ then I needed to spend time thinking about this for a while before writing . . .

Unfortunately, I then became very, very busy for a long while, such that it’s taken me ages to get back to a space where I’ve been able to spend enough consistent time thinking about this ‘explanation/what is going on’ possibility enough, such that I’d start to become aware of and get my head around all of the important/relevant factors while ‘yet again’ having a specific focus on becoming aware of all of the ‘anomalous/abnormal’ factors!!!!

So, as a start, I want to point out yet more ‘anomalies’ with respect to the majority of Mandela Effects anomalous memory experiences!!!

The Very Regularly Perceived/Sensed, & Via Multiple Senses Accumulated Embedded/Networked Memory Problem

On a very early page of this series I used the KitKat Mandela effect as an example, in this example the actual KitKat packet as it is visibly observed has no -/dash Kit-Kat joining the words while apparently quite a few people distinctly remember it as having a noticeable dash between the two words:

This is also of an item that’s been sold and hence viewed/seen likely regularly over a span of decades. Let me make it clear, it’s very likely not been seen once or a half dozen times, it’s likely been seen 100’s, if not 1000’s or even more times. It is also likely that for those that bought this item it’ll occasionally be lying in view in a position where it’s directly seen and or directly looked at/noticed/in line of sight for longer time periods. In other words for a lot of people the image of that item has been gradually as well as steadily reinforced, specifically because exactly the same item has been regularly seen over years and in some cases decades!!!!

People ‘now’ talk about ‘misremembering’ which is a more recently introduced word that’s being preferentially promoted and used as a replacement for the word ‘forgetting’!!!!

Now, what’s the fundamental base problem with the misremembering/forgetting idea with respect to the Mandela Effects?

Let me use my walkers crisp packet example to explain this problem to you!!!

I’ve seen these crisps likely every few days for years, such that these specific crisp packets and specific FLAVOURS & COLOURS have over time become a reinforced and embedded memory.

Let me make this as clear as possible, pretty much every time I go shopping I’m consciously or unconsciously having the image memory of these two crisp packets/flavours ‘REINFORCED’ and this has been going on for myself personally for decades. Let me remind you that this memory reinforcing, doesn’t relate to just one item BUT to TWO, because this specific Mandela Effect is of the memories of the colours of two crisp packets being swapped, let me also remind you that these specific packets flavours just happen to be the two most commonly presented/purchased flavours/packets/colours AND have been for decades . . . in other words they are the flavours/packets/colours that would be the most seen/viewed out of all of the Walkers crisp varieties, and as such you’d expect these flavours/packets to be the least likely to be forgotten/misremembered.

Unfortunately, it’s specifically the memories of the MOST COMMONLY/REGULARLY SEEN items that ‘somehow’ are actually misremembered ‘SIMULTANEOUSLY’ such that when you look at the blue packet you’re expecting it to be SALT & VINEGAR, but it turns out to have been magically transformed into the CHEESE & ONION flavour!!!!

Let me also point out that forgetting, i.e. ‘MISREMEMBERING’ (as in remembering something incorrectly) will be (and or SHOULD BE) associated with items that are very rarely seen while perhaps being of things that are not memorable, perhaps because you are absolutely not interested in these items/things and or because you are not bothered about remembering them because perhaps they are ‘irrelevant/insignificant’ to yourself!!!

So, items/things will be more easily miss-remembered/not remembered correctly that are rarely seen/sensed/perceived and or which involve less senses/perceptions and or combinations of these!!!!

Conversely however, items that have a distinctive smell (and which will often be automatically smelt when eaten) and or which in actually being eaten and hence are then also TASTED and or which then invoke feelings/sensations of pleasure and at times SHARED PLEASURES perhaps because you’re eating these with a SIGNIFICANT OTHER, such that the memory and the long term accumulation of memories (over many decades for myself) involves a growing as well as a repeatedly reinforced network of continuously accumulated memories automatically involving various sense/perceptions (sight, smell, touch and taste which will often be quite different for each crisp variety (the salt and vinegar variety will (either consciously or unconsciously) feel different when touched because the surface of the crisps are ‘salted’ for the salt and vinegar variety but not for the cheese and onion flavour)), there will also be various emotional responses all being regularly reinforced perhaps every few weeks or even days and or in some cases DAILY!!!!

In this respect, it is actually unbelievably unlikely that these items would ever, EVER BE MISREMEMBERED!!!

Let me make this EXCEPTIONALLY clear!!!

Unless you are in exceptionally disruptive circumstances, such as being at a party for example, while also being significantly drunk, while under poor lighting conditions (and or other ‘sensory’ disrupting circumstances), while also perhaps being distracted, perhaps for example, because you’re trying to chat someone up, while also perhaps suffering from either sensory overload (due to loud music) and or sensory weirdness because you’ve taken some recreational drug, then you may under these types of circumstances perhaps find yourself eating an entire packet of crisps without being aware of much of anything at all such that part way though you might be shocked to find that you’re eating the fried prawns and skunk flavour rather then the salt and vinegar flavour you thought it was BUT COMPLETELY FAILED TO NOTICE!!!

I’m a veeeerrry boring type, I’ve never EVER taken any recreational drugs of any type and I gave up drinking alcohol years before my Mandela Effect crisp packet experience!!!! I’m also relatively speaking exceptionally healthy and haven’t been prescribed or otherwise taken any ‘medical’ medication (including the likes of off the shelf pain killers) for many, many years either!!!!

So, it is EXCEPTIONALLY STRANGE/ANOMALOUS that the Mandela Effect anomalous memory effects involve (for the most part) items that are ‘ICONIC’, they are and have been regularly and often sensed/perceived by pretty much everyone AND often for a very long time!!! They are ABSOLUTELY ‘NOT’ rarely seen/sensed/smelt/touched/tasted/heard items, the Mandela Effects with respect to the COMMON EVERYDAY ITEMS ARE EXCEPTIONALLY/UTTERLY ANOMALOUS in this respect, that in terms of accumulative, embedded ‘MEMORY’ functioning you’d expect the opposite . . . that people would at times occasionally misremember rarely seen items . . . you’d NOT expect this to happen of regularly perceived items that have been regularly perceived over years and decades while also often perceived every few days such that their regularly reinforced embedded/memory of this item is then one of the least likely items to ever be misremembered!!!!

Now, there are at least two other factors that are equivalent to the above in HIGHLY, UTTERLY F***ING IMPROBABLE/HIGHLY ANOMALOUS TERMS . . . however, in that there absolutely are at least two other factors that are as anomalous/unlikely as the one I’ve just pointed out with respect to the majority of Mandela Effects, strangely they too, are also factors that ‘should’ be easily thought of and hence then regularly pointed out everywhere else (as opposed to NOT AT ALL!!!)!!! In this respect, if you reading this haven’t actually managed to become aware of these then this would mean that (unbelievably), I’M WRONG about there only being another TWO highly anomalous factors associated with the majority of Mandela Effects, specifically because this means that we’ve actually THREE remaining anomalous/unlikely factors to be pointed out/made ‘conscious’ because the third would then relate to the utter inability of anyone to actually manage to become aware of these, DESPITE that they are ‘exceedingly’ obvious!!!

1. Everyone’s Mandela Effect Wrong/Misremembered Memories Are ‘Unbelievably’ All Of EXACTLY The Same ‘WRONG’ Memory

Is it just me that finds it very, very odd that the ‘wrong’ memories, the misremembered memories, the ones that replace the memories of the actual ‘real’ item/items that people misremembering are not all different for each person!!! Unbelievably they all remember the item as being wrong/different in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!!!

Basically, everyone’s misremembered memory for any specific Mandela Effect are each remembered as being EXACTLY THE SAME ‘WRONG’ MEMORY

I’ve also not seen anyone actually directly state/point this out as being absolutely, utterly ‘HIGHLY’ improbable either!!!

Let me remind you that I’ve had my memories of the colours of 2 very specific Walkers Crisp packet flavours swapped and ‘apparently’ SO HAS EVERYONE ELSE . . . this is on top of the Walkers Crisp Packet Mandela Effect also specifically itself already being exceptionally highly anomalous because the misremembered colours/flavours happen to the two most commonly seen/tasted/smelt/touched crisp flavours making them the least likely to be misremembered in the first place!!!!

For a misremembered memory to actually be misremembered with respect to ‘exactly’ the same detail/details way FOR EACH PERSON THAT MISREMEMBERS IT, is utterly, utterly unbelievable!!! It is in fact utterly improbable, beyond belief that for each specific Mandela effect item being misremembered everyone or pretty much everyone bizarrely misremembers the exact same ‘wrong’ detail/details!!!


Can you remember the last time you misremembered a none Mandela Effect item?

Can you think of any none Mandela effect item that you misremembered recently? Nope!!! Can you think of anything that you EVER misremembered? ‘NO’ Yea, me neither!!!

Now, the thing is that I’m sure that I’ve likely mis-remembered ‘something’ BUT can you think of why you’d not remember the things that you’ve misremembered? Can you?

Well, it’s because you/people in general absolutely don’t forget items/things that you see/perceive/interact with/use on a regular basis and or which are ’emotionally’ important to yourself!!!! You’ll only misremember things/some specific details of an item that are both rarely seen and or are very ‘unimportant/insignificant’ to yourself!!!!

So, you’d actually only mis-remember say a KitKat wrapper or a Crisp packet colour if you only rarely saw/perceived this/rarely purchased this BUT strangely for the Mandela Effects items these are all items that most people have interacted with often and regularly AND they’ve been doing this over long time periods too.

As, I’ve mentioned above there ‘SHOULD BE’ a direct correlation between forgetting/misremembering and frequency of exposure in ‘perception’ terms as well as with respect to length of time of exposure and the number of times with respect to length of time of exposure too . . .

This makes the majority of Mandela effects highly anomalous for the majority of people . . . including myself . . . now I mentioned on the first page of this series that my Walkers Crisps colour swap Mandela Effect happened in the middle of 2017, now if this was a real bona-fide misremembering example then it would only happen to an item that I rarely perceived/interacted with . . . you have to remember that the misremembering is ‘REALLY’ focused on the colour not the writing too (at least this is how it is for me)!!!

If this was a real bona-fide misremembering example i.e. of an item that you rarely see/perceive and or take notice of then it won’t be very impressed on your memory . . . now I’ve no idea about anyone else’s Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect memory BUT for mine the changed colour is actually presenting itself as if it’s been impressed/accumulated over a very long time span, I say this because every time I see a blue and or green crisp packet the ‘changed’ colour/flavour orientation is STILL ‘OVERWHELMINGLY WRONG’.

In other words it’s exhibiting the characteristics of a very, very long term repeatedly/regularly perceived/accumulated embedded/imprinted memory!!!!

Let me make this exceptionally clear!!! These memories are exhibiting the characteristics of myself having repeatedly perceived/interacted with the WRONG COLOUR ITEM/ITEMS REGULARLY FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME . . .

I should perhaps point out that it’s now coming up to two years since my Walker Crisps Mandela Effect anomalous memory change actually happened, during this time, you’d also expect that repeated sightings of these original crisp packets AS THEY REALLY ARE would have been gradually eroding the ‘impressed/wrong’ memories such that the false/wrong memories would be gradually resetting i.e. you’d expect some perceptual ‘course correction’ . . . however, unfortunately, THIS DOESN’T SEEM TO BE HAPPENING!!!

The only ‘rational’ conclusion you can come to is that all of my original walkers crisp packet memories of the two original crisp packet flavours were IN COLOUR ‘DATA’ TERMS swapped AND that all subsequent perceptions/senses contrary to these swapped memories are ignored/not updated such that the ON GOING ‘WRONGNESS’ IS FORCIBLY CONTINUED . . . presumably indefinitely . . . !!!

Let me re-state what has been done: ALL OF MY ACCUMULATED/STORED PAST MEMORIES of myself ever seeing either of these specific crisp packet colours have all been edited and changed to the opposite packets colours while then being permanently ‘FIXED’!!!

The equivalent memory swap/replacement transformation has been applied to all ‘ITEM’ Mandela Effects!!!

So, for the Kit-Kat Mandela Effect all the data of these peoples past memories are searched through and all their memories of any Kit Kat bar are all converted into Kit-Kat.

Once this is done, then they all automatically expect to see Kit-Kat on the wrapper because all of their past accumulated SOFTWARE DEFINED & NOW EDITED memories have actually been altered from Kit Kat to Kit-Kat!!!!

The Mandela Effect memory anomalies are also STUNNING in terms of the number of people impacted by these as well as with respect to the variety of the different individual misremembered ‘items’ involved, never mind that as far as I know, all or pretty much all of the commonly misremembered items turn out to be ones that are ‘iconic/popular well known’ items!!!

However, all of the various individual Mandela Effect anomalies are utterly dwarfed made completely insignificant compared to how anomalous the so called investigations and analysis of these ‘ACTUALLY’ ARE!!!!

3. How is it Possible to Evaluate, Assess & Appraise Mandela Effects by Completely Ignoring Memory Functioning, Sense & Multiple Combinations of Senses & Feelings?

Shouldn’t it be exceptionally obvious that you ‘cannot’ even begin to assess any ‘problem/anomaly’ never mind evaluate possible causes by completely ignoring both the base factors and circumstances of ‘THE PROBLEM’ while also seemingly completely ignoring the FUNCTIONING CHARACTERISTICS OF THE BASE HUMAN ‘FACULTY’ that appears to actually be FAULTY/DYSFUNCTIONAL? How is it possible to appraise and or analyse a ‘PROBLEM/AN ANOMALY’ while not actually going into the problem/anomaly AS IT HAPPENED, AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF IT ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN GREAT DETAIL!!!

Why is it that despite that all Mandela Effects are all exclusively about people’s MEMORIES/MEMORY FUNCTIONING absolutely not functioning as expected, I’ve been unable to find any web presentation appraising and or analysing the Mandela Effects or in fact any single Mandela Effect with respect to factors that relate to memory functioning inclusive of the contributions that the senses and perceptions and or multiple combinations of these as well as feelings and emotions and their impact on memory storage as well as recall of memories!!!

In this respect, despite that there are a fair number of sites that ‘list’ the Mandela Effect some and or many ‘items’ and make comments about them, it’s exceptionally rare to find even one that even mentions anything at all about the composition of memories and or memory functioning never mind to then actually discuss the basic factors important with respect to remembering and then recalling memories, which in a basic sense would/should have them all at least mentioning the make up of memories in terms of the 5 base ‘SENSES/PERCEPTIONS’ as well pointing out how ‘FEELINGS & EMOTIONS’ contribute to these too!!!

How many of you reading this decided to, and then spent consistent time, very specifically trying to recall as comprehensively as possible all of the memories, inclusive of all of the sensory details of some very specific past events? How many of you have done this to recall the memories or past ‘ANOMALOUS’ EXPERIENCES/EVENTS? How many of you have done this for many hours at a time (2 to 3 hours at a time for some incidents) as well as for MULTIPLE PAST EXPERIENCES THAT INVOLVED ANOMALOUS EVENTS/FACTORS?

How many of you have a track record of making a consistent effort within all your interactions to orientate to and to become aware of/feel your own internal states inclusive of very vague sensations while then actually doing this consistently for many years such that this had you more and more becoming very sensitive/aware of all manner of very subtle/slight internal/inner sensations and particularly with respect to your heart and gut/abdomen areas?

How many of you reading this, in then actually consistently making this type of effort then found yourself noticing that feelings, emotions as well as some even more subtle/vague sensations are extremely important in terms of facilitating the recall of the memories of past incidents/experiences, how many of you have done this enough and specifically of abnormal/anomalous circumstances/events such that you’ve noticed that some of the very vague as well as ‘BASE’ gut/intestine/stomach originated sensations of anxiety, unease, uneasiness, disquiet, edginess, insecurity and or apprehension are not only accessible and or recallable they are often base ‘foundation’ sensations with respect to lets say ‘unusual/anomalous’ circumstances . . . never mind that these base/foundation sensations also very much help facilitate the full recall/remembrance of whatever past circumstances you are trying to become fully aware of!!!

Below are just some of the anomalous experiences that I spent many hours re-engaging with as part of recalling all ‘finer’ details of (because they were of incidents that happened between maybe 5 and 30 years earlier) . . .

  1. The Giant Bat Encounter Weird Atmosphere, No One Speaking Day
  2. The Inception Infiltrated, Managed & Staged Dreams Problem
  3. Lake Distract, Windermere, Stationary Silver Grey UFO Disc Sighting Described
  4. Munich, Dachau Concentration Camp Paranormal Experience
  5. The Undead, Living Ghost, Astral Travelling, Apparition Encounter
  6. Encountering & Engaging with a Real Air Elemental, an Air Spirit of Nature?
  7. Belsay Hall Time Warp – A dimensional window into the past
  8. Life After Death Examples, Dead People as ‘Ghosts’ Encounters & Interactions Described

In all, on that specific web site I present details of over 50 in most cases exceptionally diverse anomalous experiences that I myself personally experienced. It would therefore be a gross understatement to describe myself as a expert not only of a wide variety/diversity of in some cases exceptionally anomalous phenomena/anomalous experiences because I personally actually experienced them myself, BUT I’m also an expert in accessing and recalling the FULL SPECTRUM MEMORY DETAILS/MEMORIES OF THESE TYPES OF INCIDENTS & ENCOUNTERS TOO . . . I should perhaps point out that ‘some’ of the anomalous experiences that I describe on that site happened before and or during the time I was the manager of a university central resources facility!!!!

In this respect, to someone that has actually made the effort to permanently orientate towards and engage with my own internal states (for a DECADE+ in my early 20’s) such that I gained more and more awareness of all sorts of internal states/subtle sensations (and hence then also better and better recall of memories), then the generic as well as ‘STARK’ omissions with regards zero details about memories/memory functioning on Mandela Effect pages also then contribute to making them EXCEPTIONALLY ANOMALOUS!!!!

It is staggering, verging on ‘paranormal’ to read web page after web page written specifically about the Mandela effects that don’t ever mention, never mind discuss senses and or senses and feeling/emotion contributions to memory recall and or any of the factors that would help and or impede recall . . . although yet another highly anomalous factor with respect to other Mandela Effect presentations is that despite the Mandela effects are all about anomalous memories, no one else seems to be aware of never mind to then explicitly point out any of the other recorded anomalies associated with memories either.

What ‘other’ anomalous memory examples beyond the Mandela Effect ones are there? Are you actually aware of how ‘good’ your memory actually is, specifically with respect to pages that actually explicitly point out anomalies related to memories?

Can you even remember any of the other anomalous memory examples that I’ve already pointed out on previous pages in this series?

4. How Many Discussing Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories ‘Actually’ Manage to POINT OUT Other Types of Anomalous Memories?

Such as ourselves having millions of examples of people having memories of previous lifetimes which coincidentally DIRECTLY IMPLIES that memories are perhaps completely independent of the easily observed perhaps fake human body form, never mind that there is also an example of memories being ‘transferred’ from one person to another via a heart transplant which somewhat implies that highly emotionally charged trauma based memories may not be limited to the ‘HEAD/BRAIN’ functioning areas exclusively . . .

Even worse, on top of all of the above the ‘explanation’ of choice/preference that is most prominent on Mandela Effect focused sites/presentations is that these people’s memories are apparently being directly accessed and updated from completely different universes/multiverses!!!

This SIFI/fantasy realm alternate universe ‘explanation’ is the most prominent by far!!!

5. ‘Rational/Reasoned’ Analysis & Evaluation of Circumstances Based Evidence & Explanations DON’T EVEN REGISTER

In other words not only do we have nothing, absolutely nothing, sweet FA presented with respect to basics about memory functioning and or evaluations of senses and feelings and or different combinations of these in terms of facilitating and or degrading memory recall/misremembering possibilities, BUT the explanation most focused on can only be described as being straight from some SPACE CADET FANTASY/SIFI STORY BOOK, . . . . ‘AND’ . . . NO ONE SEEMS TO NOTICE HOW ‘UTTERLY/STAGGERINGLY’ BIZARRE THIS IS EITHER!!!!!

DON’T EVER ‘FORGET’ . . . . . .

. . . that, your MEMORY is ‘ABSOLUTELY’ >> FAULTY <<

Given that over the period that I’ve been thinking about and writing this series (about 2 years), it’s hard not to notice the global efforts/campaigns focused on making you/everyone as aware as possible that everyone’s memories are inherently amazingly faulty, such that you cannot really rely on them at all!!! For example, it was hard not to notice that the Guardian news site had a large/prominent/flashy front page ‘poster’ type presentation for about a month linking to pages focused on letting you know how ‘faulty’ your memories are!!!

Maybe some peoples memories are so bad/faulty/unreliable that they need to be permanently reminded about how faulty they are in case they misremember/completely forget about how faulty they are!!!

Unfortunately, despite the swapped/re-written crisp packet memory piss taking effort, I personally don’t consider my memories to be faulty at all, in fact apart from the blatant memory re-write swapped crisp packet efforts I still consider my ‘memory’ faculty to be exceptionally good . . . and this is likely because I’ve literally spent many hours in multiple sessions specifically focused on accessing, engaging with and attempting to fully recall the FULL ‘MEMORY’ SPECTRUM DETAILS OF SOME VERY SPECIFIC PAST MEMORIES. Which, coincidentally I started to do about 2 decades or more after initiating a daily/ALL THE TIME campaign/effort to become more and more aware of/sensitive to all of my internal states, which likely makes me the world expert on internal states as well as memory recall and particularly of vague as well as anomalous memories!!!!

So, in that I’ve 100’s of in some cases very long pages giving extensive evidence that our reality is ‘ENTIRELY’ fake, ‘AND’ that we are all duplicates of other people then why would an ‘obviously’ fake as well as ‘DUPLICATE’ reality be intent on convincing its fake, software defined residents that their memories are inherently ‘FAULTY/CANNOT BE RELIED UPON’!!!

Why would our fake reality be determinedly doing this?


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