June 6, 2019

Details of our Subtle/Spirit Form, the Subtle Environment & the Various/Many Anomalous Experiences Substituting for these Here

Let me repeat what I stated on a previous page, which is that our and your ‘real’ subtle body form has full universal 360′ x 360′ x 360′ orientation sensory input/awareness. It doesn’t have a face, nor any sides, nor a behind nor does it have a left or right side either. The best way to describe it is to state that all 360’x360’x360′ sensory orientations are ALL FRONTS TO ITS INTERNAL SELF!!! Because its entire body surface is equally sensory sensitive/aware/responsive on all surfaces/angles around itself then it exhibits no blind spots!!!!

Try and spend some time imagining yourself hovering a mile up over ‘IN THE ‘OPEN’ SKY’ . . . imagine yourself spending ALL OF YOUR time permanently suspended within a COMPLETELY OPEN SKY SPACE WITH ABSOLUTELY NO ‘HOUSES OR STRUCTURES’ AROUND, while being subjected to absolutely ‘NO GRAVITY PULL’ either . . and hence having absolutely no sense or orientation of UP or DOWN, nor any concept of LEFT OR RIGHT, nor absolutely any sense at all of having a BACK OR FRONT ‘orientation’ either . . .

Let me contrast this with our and your own current interfaced to a human physical body from ‘environment and living’ circumstances!!!!

Which also has everyone here living under the direct and permanent influence of our planet’s gravitational pull such that we have a completely automated/unconscious, absolutely built in up and down ‘fixed’ orientation!!! This is then in direct contrast to our subtle forms’ original 360′ x 360′ x 360′, entirely 3 dimensional scale, full potential as well as ‘natural’ body orientation possibilities never mind their full spectrum spatial awareness/sensory abilities never mind their inherent/natural movement possibilities which for ourselves here have then been reduced to a living space that relative to our subtle forms’ natural living conditions is essentially a FLAT 2 DIMENSIONAL SURFACE!!!

Although to be more ‘objectively’ accurate, for those of us living within towns and cities the scale of ‘actual/real’ free (as in ‘UNHINDERED/UNRESTRICTED’) movement and orientation is automatically reduced even further because of the layout of buildings and roads such that your ‘actual’ REAL SCALE OF FREE MOVEMENT, AT ANY PARTICULAR TIME is ‘OFTEN’ substantially equivalent to ONE DIMENSIONAL, in that you often walk on entirely straight as well as narrow paths/sidewalks/corridors both outside as well as inside . . . for substantial distances!!!

Let me point out some of the problems that are going to have to be seriously ‘FUDGED’ as in they are going to have to be ‘HANDLED IN ‘ANOMALOUS/PERSONAL TO SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS’ WAYS’!!!!

Let me define some of the ‘conversion’ scenario problems you are going to have to address at least for some specific subtle groups as well as subtle ‘communities’ permanently living in a no up or down ‘SKY’ space . . .

If you are simulating someone that spent pretty much ALL OF THEIR TIME living within a NO UP OR DOWN ORIENTATED FULLY OPEN SKY SPACE whom then also, ALWAYS then experienced BEING ABLE TO HOVER WHILE ALSO BEING ABLE TO HAVE ABSOLUTELY 3 DIMENSIONAL AWARENESS & SENSORY INPUT, 3 DIMENSIONAL BODY ‘ORIENTATION’ & MOVEMENT IN ALL DIRECTIONS ALL THE TIME, which would coincidentally result in them very likely having absolutely no concept of up or down and absolutely in concept or experience of having a permanent ‘front’ orientation, because in being ALL THE TIME omnidirectional then they have no concept of left or right nor any concept of themselves having a front or back orientation either . . . in this respect . . . how would you give these specific people THESE TYPES OF SUBTLE ENVIRONMENT ‘ONLY’ EXPERIENCES WHILE KEEPING THESE EITHER PERSONAL TO THEMSELVES AND OR AS SHARED EXPERIENCES WITH OTHERS THAT ARE ALSO COMPLETELY HIDDEN FROM EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

What type of consistent experience/experiences would these people ‘EXPECT TO HAVE’ and how would you give these people these types of experiences while ABSOLUTELY KEEPING THESE AS PERSONAL TO THEMSELVES ONLY, i.e. ‘OUTSIDE OF ‘CONSENSUS’ REALITY’!!!!! What sort of anomalous expectations and or CONSISTENT PERSONAL TO SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS & OR GROUPS that we DO HAVE HERE would be ‘CONSISTENT’ with respect to them being well hidden/personal to very specific people and or groups ONLY that some people ACTUALLY DO HAVE HERE!!!!

Coincidentally . . .

If what I describe above is correct/true then many people whom are simulating someone whom consistently lived as a subtle being whom ALL THE TIME ARE ESSENTIALLY LOCATED IN THE MIDDLE OF ONE BIG MASSIVE SCALE SKY (WITH NO ‘GROUND’ ORIENTATION) will ‘here’ very, very likely feel as if THEY ‘SHOULD’ BE ABLE TO FLY!!!


One of the VR experience poll questions which I presented on this poll here had a very high percentage of people indicating that they felt and or had an ‘expectation’ that they ‘should’ be able to fly.

Subtle beings, that permanently spend the majority of their time within an infinite open space with a community of others as subtle forms/beings whom are also living within the same open space such that all of those within a ‘reasonable’ distance from each other (say less than 10,000 miles distant) will ALWAYS be remotely as well as automatically communicating with each other while very likely also being VERY AWARE OF EACH OTHERS’ CIRCUMSTANCES TOO perhaps over even greater distances!!!

Coincidentally . . .


This is why you also have many people here whom at times manage to ‘psychically’ pick up/are very aware of and in some cases are ARE DIRECTLY/STRONGLY VERY AWARE of what is happening and or has happened to someone they are close to (in ‘family/friendship & relationship’ terms) and particularly with respect to them having some accident and or ‘shocking’ event or experience happening to themselves. This is because subtle beings whom are close and or related (remember there is a reasonable possibility that they are TWINS of each other) are very likely always and particularly sub consciously aware on some level of the internal state and or circumstances of each other quite simply because of their close past contacts and openness between each other, it is very likely they are pretty much ALWAYS REMOTELY AWARE OF EACH OTHER IN A BACKGROUND WAY such that if any with this type of permanent open channel/connection experiences difficulties/problems it’s very likely those with close ties to them will become pretty much instantly aware of this!!!!

Coincidentally . . . we have yet another consistent as well as ‘odd’ anomalous experience . . .


It’s been ‘noted’ that a significant number of people automatically ‘know’ that their phone is about to ring and or that they are about to receive a ‘text’ message!! However, it’s also been noticed/noted that some people are also pre-aware of WHO IT IS THAT IS TRYING TO CONTACT THEM TOO . . .

Subtle beings that have very long term as well as day in day out consistent experience of being part of a specific subtle group and or subtle community that are then consistently/permanently all of the time interacting with each other in full ‘THREE DIMENSIONAL/’SPATIAL/ORIENTATION/NO GRAVITY, NO UP/DOWN ‘ORIENTATION” terms, whom will then have EMBEDDED EXPECTATIONS of all sorts of BEHAVIOURS/EXPERIENCES of themselves LIVING LIKE THIS . . . .

. . . ALL OF THE TIME . . . as in FOREVER & EVER & EVER & EVER & EVER . . .



. . . how in our generally one dimensional and occasionally two dimensional world would you (in hidden ways) give people consistent BUT very likely indirect/disguised experiences of themselves living within a fully three dimensional space that offered all angles and orientations of movement as well as perceptions/senses within that space . . .

Coincidentally . . .


Strangely, a very, very well hidden experience of being able to hover/fly around within a full three dimensional environment while INTERACTING WITH OTHERS DOING THE SAME, that is of SHARED EXPERIENCES very specifically kept internal to each ‘shared’ person having these experiences is of them all astral travelling. Astral travelling is another of our fake reality’s physical only reality ‘conversions’ that has people here, whom are ‘obviously’ simulating someone with consistent experience of ‘LIVING & INTERACTING WITH OTHERS IN THE SKY’ of being able to directly experience this BUT only as this outside of consensus reality ‘ASTRAL TRAVELLING’ form . . . i.e. this is a way of allowing people to experience how they were as subtle beings within a group/community whom spent all of their time then LIVING IN THE SKY while also keeping their original ‘REAL’ self as a subtle form as well as their real subtle environmental circumstances completely hidden with respect to our ‘consensus’ physical only reality and human body form circumstances!!!!

. . . as well as . . .


Many people have dreams within which they are flying, people having lucid dreams have also described themselves as having very coherent/completely ‘real’ flying experiences too. For example, I found this description here:

” . . . in my lucid dreams, I love flying high, I’ll swoop over a mountain range, day or night. I’ll soar among skyscrapers and watch people live out their dream-lives in the city below. Lucid flying dreams possess a powerful combination of exhilarating freedom and unraveling adventure. In my flying dreams, the sense of weightlessness, whooshing and wavering in the air certainly feels vivid and real to me.”

In other words there are very many, many ways of indirectly and in hidden as well as ‘internal to themselves’ ways of allowing people to experience themselves ‘flying’ . . . on the other hand we also have some alleged ‘real’ flying claims too . . .


There are quite a few instances of so called ‘spiritual’ practices (i.e. ‘spirit’ associated ‘practises’, which are then very likely to equate with your subtle body’s attributes and abilities) such as some specific yoga traditions as well as some specific meditation paths which make claims that some yoga and meditation masters of these have special powers known as ‘siddhis’ which specifically allow them to be able to levitate at will.

As our fake reality offers many different ‘flying’ possibilities being disappeared (you could be simulating someone/be a copy of someone that was interfaced to a bird for example OR you could have experience of being in an EAAS design VR suspended in mid air too) then I set up a poll years ago to check out the incidence of ‘flying’ expectations . . . which is ‘now’ also presented below here!!!!

One of the other main and extremely important differences between the subtle body form that represents ourselves and particularly when compared to any physical ‘animal’ form (that they might spend time interfaced to) is that subtle forms/subtle individuals/people/groups/communities don’t spend any time whatsoever either looking for food, preparing food and then of cooking anything, nor do they then spend any time actually ‘eating’ ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

This is very specifically the case because, the body surface of the subtle form directly and automatically (in ways that are similar/equivalent to ‘plants’) takes in ‘energetic’ sustenance as emissions/radiations from the local environment itself . . . i.e. the subtle body takes in sustenance directly from the ’emissions/resonances/frequencies’ that are present within the environment around itself . . . i.e. it takes in sustenance from the entire ‘sky’!!!

In that subtle beings then day in day out, week in week out, year in year out as well as millennium in, millennium out don’t ever have any experiences never mind habits never mind completely embedded ones with respect to finding food and or taking in sustenance i.e. ‘EATING’, then it is highly likely that anyone here that is a duplicate of someone that by and large spent all, or pretty much all of their time NOT INTERFACED TO A PHYSICAL ANIMAL FORM (WHICH HAS TO EAT TO SURVIVE NEVER MIND STAY HEALTHY) will then have an embedded as well an absolutely automatic expectation that they don’t need to spend any time whatsoever either looking for food, preparing food and or then of actually directly ‘eating’ anything . . . so if we are simulating any of these subtle experience ‘ONLY’ people here then you can expect that some will be very, very, very, very adamant that they ‘should’ absolutely be able to live normally without ‘physically’ eating anything . . .

Coincidentally . . .


Strangely, we’ve had regular news items (here is one, a documentary focused site on this phenomenon is here) pointing out yet another ‘Living On Light’ (In that the subtle body form is ‘translucent’ i.e. it would be seen as predominantly ‘white’ i.e. ‘light’ in colour) and or Breatharian’ person, whom like the others in the past are all once again convinced that they can should be able to live without physically eating any sustenance at all (in some cases not drinking anything either, including no water)!!!!

So, if you and EVERYONE ELSE are always, all of the time living within the sky, then it is exceptionally likely that you’ll have end up having entire communities of subtle people living together IN THE SKY . . . this would particularly be the case for any subtle population or populations/communities that specifically didn’t actually ever incarnate their people into the physical such that their specific as well as large population/community would always then be living together at a specific location ‘IN/WITHIN THE SKY’!!!

In ‘physical/earth worlds’ terms you’d also very likely describe and or refer to this population as living together WITHIN THE SKY . . . now if you think about this for a while, then it’s also highly likely that many people within this population are likely at times to leave their ‘community’ space specifically to fly around/spend time within the environment external to and away from the community space whom on then returning to their ‘community space’ location they would then see this population as ‘COMMUNITY LIVING TOGETHER IN THE SKY’ . . . also people who’ve been away from their community and friends for a while will often have an emotional reaction as they are approaching their home community i.e. when they are coming home . . . as this specific experience would be ‘significant’ while also SPECIFICALLY connected to them seeing their home/population IN THE SKY . . . then it’s likely that some people ‘here’ will actually ‘need’ to have some reasonably equivalent experience . . .

Coincidentally . . .


I’ve noticed occasional reports of sightings of entire ‘CITIES WITHIN THE SKY’, one of these sightings was in Africa and has been extensively written about (for example here), there are also details of a Chinese ‘CITY IN THE SKY’ seen by many people here. There are more examples of cities in the sky are listed here.

However, on doing searches for these I also came across bizarre sightings of various types of flying ships and boats . . . which could of course represent sightings of different types of transport within subtle environment (maybe of people or of subtle ‘goods’).

There is a page describing some of these sightings here!!!

For ‘regulars’ here then you’ll know that I’ve already presented evidence that China is actually ‘representing’ an underwater culture and that the ‘Chinese’ people are actually ‘mostly’ crabs being simulated as ‘humans’ (read the home page, search for ‘crabs’ and then check out the links giving more details).

In that the entire Chinese culture are then actually of people all of whom are living UNDER THE OCEAN, then it would then be AN ABSOLUTE INDISPUTABLE ‘FACT’,  that they would then always see boats ABOVE THEMSELVES i.e. in their terms they’d be FLYING OVER THEMSELVES!!!!

In posting the last link then this reminded me of a film I watched about a year ago (called After Earth), which seemed to be of a ‘mostly’ wooden (interior) flying ‘ship’ being used to travel through ‘space/the sky’ (very bizarre)!!!!

There does seem to be a lot of ‘wood/tree’ type connections with respect to at least some types of ‘subtle’ experience/presentations . . .

Coincidentally . . .

While writing about the ‘don’t need to eat’ food people and ‘again’ having a think, then this reminded me as to how much ‘shit’ these people have to put up with from our well managed science types and their backup supportive army of pseudo sceptics, and this is despite that I can remember that they actually studied a ‘Doesn’t Eat Anything’ meditator in a closed and monitored environment for months (whom I recall only had occasional visitors) whom didn’t seem to exhibit any ill effects of not eating any food.

Afterwards, however, somewhat ‘predictably’ they had to put up with claims that he could only do this because his visitors absolutely must be smuggling in food (this is despite that they had no evidence of this)!!!

In some respects it’s obvious that people/anyone that are not conforming to the physical ‘only’ delusion tend to get shit, and then in also spending time thinking about the subtle people exhibiting characteristics of ‘plants’ i.e. of physical life forms that also don’t need to look for food/things to eat either then this reminded me that we actually have people here whom seem to be being represented as if they are an entire ‘plant’ form and specifically ‘AS AN ENTIRE TREE’!!!!!

I.e. they are being ‘represented’ as a form that doesn’t directly eat or drink i.e. as a form that doesn’t actually have to continually look for or spend time actually ‘eating’ food or water . . .


There are plenty of descriptions and or pictures of these people around the web.

Have a look at the picture below for a while . . . and in particular, try and notice which parts of the body are the most ‘detrimentally’ impacted!!!!

I found the picture on the right here which makes the impact on the hands and fingers way more obvious/noticeable!!!!

So, did you manage to ‘notice’ from the pictures above how this condition seems to specifically detrimentally impact their hands and feet compared to other parts of their physical body!!!!

In that trees just like subtle beings don’t have to move and or then TRAVEL to look for or find food/things to eat, then it seems super suspiciously ‘coincidental’ to me that this condition specifically makes it unf***ing believably difficult for the person with this disease to pick up/handle food as part of ‘EATING’ as well as to make moving or walking and hence the ability to actually look for and or find food difficult to do too.

What is even more strange is that my first experience of definitively accessing the parallel ‘subtle environment’ which coincidentally not only happened within a forest BUT it very specifically happened WITHIN A TREE CIRCLE!!!

During this experience I become aware of various ‘forms/intelligences’ that over time I now strongly suspect are ‘REPRESENTING’ some of the subtle environments inhabitants/people. In fact, I now very strongly suspect that these specific forms ‘somehow’ represent subtle people (i.e. versions of us/who we really are within the subtle environment) that have some very specific interests and or expertise areas and or positions.

It was during this first ‘nature spirit’ experience I become aware of a specific nature spirit/form that presented itself as having antlers made of twigs!!! In investigating this nature spirit form on the web some years later I found that others had also already had both numerous as well as consistent encounters with the very same ‘tree’ related being/form AND even more bizarre/coincidental is that this specific form/being is often called the ‘green man’ specifically because it’s often seen and then hence described and depicted as having many of the characteristics of BEING A TREE!!!

The ‘composite’ picture below is of various ‘depictions’ of the ‘green’ man, while the one on the left here is of one of these depictions/representations very deliberately with an insert of the face of the centre guy in the top most picture of the three people with this disease. I have of course done this very deliberately to ‘highlight’ the similarity between the tree bark characteristics of the disease with one very specific depiction/representation of the green man nature spirit whom it could be argued appears to be suffering from the very same condition!!!!

How ‘academically’ incapable/mentally handicapped must anyone actually be to be completely incapable of correlating at least some of the absolutely consistent anomalous experiences that are ‘consistently’ experienced by at least some individuals as well as groups of people (BUT absolutely not by others) as evidence that we are a simulated duplicated population, that includes people whom consistently lived within at least two very different environments and that within these two independent and very different environments they are also ‘represented’ by a body/form that exhibits completely different but consistent characteristics!!!!

Coincidentally, absolutely any hypothetical ‘real’ reality will ‘ALWAYS’ be entirely consistent, a real reality absolutely won’t have any presentations of anomalous experiences such that any presentation of anomalous experiences AT ALL and particularly UTTERLY CONSISTENT ONES (TO ALL THOSE EXPERIENCING THEM) ‘should’ then be immediately categorised as ‘suspicious’ with respect to the foundation base ‘integrity’ of your reality.

In spending time concertedly ‘thinking’ about software defined ‘fake’ reality possibilities it’s possible that academics could/maybe eventually figure out that an undisclosed fake reality within which everyone reading this would not only be completely software defined BUT could and VERY LIKELY WOULD be permanently monitored and tracked and particularly with respect to absolutely ANYONE within the fake population managing to PROPERLY/REALISTICALLY ‘THINK’ ABOUT fake reality possibilities!!!

Coincidentally it took me about a decade before I started to properly ‘THINK’ like a simulated/fake reality designer . . . such that it then becomes stupidly obvious that if your simulation includes any allegedly ‘intelligent’ components then you will ‘absolutely, always’ both monitor as well as comprehensively ‘manage/manipulate’ these components and particularly to make sure that they exhibit absolutely no realistic thinking abilities about these possibilities ‘WHAT SO EVER’ (while having them think otherwise) . . . otherwise they’ll figure out they’re living within a fake reality AND this will likely significantly change the behaviour of the entire population which as we’d be living in an EXPENSIVE EXPERIMENT would very likely be sabotaged by this changed behaviour . . . a fake population in a fake reality absolutely WON’T BE ALLOWED TO BECOME ‘ABSOLUTELY’ AWARE OF THIS POSSIBILITY!!!

Coincidentally, in a real reality academics would openly catalogue all anomalous aspects of their own research as well as all anomalous experiences as well as of also finding decent ways of examining/evaluating these, unfortunately in a hypothetical real reality YOU WOULDN’T HAVE ANY OF THESE TYPES OF ANOMALIES TO EXAMINE NEVER MIND CATALOGUE, however a fake reality and particularly one that’s OBSERVABLY resulting in massive numbers of also absolutely consistent anomalous experiences then academics will all be ‘absolutely’ managed to ignore as well as then automatically (no thinking required or even ALLOWED) to put these down as being signs of FRAIL/FAULTY PEOPLE when in fact they’re ‘ALL’ evidence of our designed fake reality applying various ‘SIMPLIFYING APPROXIMATIONS/CONVERSIONS’ to the fake reality as well as the fake software defined population such as (for example) multiple original environments being converted into one single environment such that important/significant experiences applicable to the missing environments have to be presented OUTSIDE OF CONSENSUS/SHARED ‘REALITY’ i.e. some very specific experiences are presented entirely ‘personally/individually’ to some very specific people here!!!

This is because our pseudo duplicated single planet ‘earth’ focused reality is a very much cut down exceptionally limited version when compared to the actual original circumstances of the population we are simulating!!!

More on skillwire tech as it’s presented here and more anomalous examples on the next page . . .

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