Wouldn’t Thinking about Corrupted & Managed Thinking Possibilities be the most Sabotaged?

So, if you were able to manage and influence peoples thinking in a hidden way directly on a large scale then what would you do as a priority IF you could actually do this?

What would you make an effort to do first if you were the one in charge of manipulating and managing peoples thinking?

Well, you’re first task would be to manage their thinking to make sure that they won’t ever seriously contemplate the possibility that their thinking might be being managed.

That’s very obvious isn’t it?

Of course, perhaps it’s only obvious if you’re actually allowed to ‘think’ about these areas even just as a possibility.

Also because I already know how difficult it is to ‘think’ down these lines then here is a suggestion that will make what I am presenting here easier for you to ‘contemplate’.

See if you can approach what is presented on this page either:

Then put yourself in the ‘role’ of a ‘mad scientist’ type whom can manipulate and manage peoples thinking by hidden means and then try and think about what you would do in ‘managing thinking’ terms to make it difficult for people to seriously think about or consider the possibilities that their thinking might be being managed. What could you do to achieve this? What would you do to make it as difficult as possible for people to openly and ‘rationally’ consider the possibilities of thinking manipulations and management even just as an interesting possibility?


Here are some . . . how about . . .

Can you think of any more?

How else would you manage people to ensure that no one THOUGHT about the possibility that their thinking might be managed seriously?

What else could you do? Or perhaps you haven’t thought about your thinking enough to find it easy to ‘think’ about your thinking? If so then read the next page . . .

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