The Truth Shall Set YOU Free . . . Unfortunately YOU are NOT ‘FREE’ enough to even take it in . . .

I was very taken back by how easily this particular client was repeatedly ‘missing’ what was going on with themselves particularly with respect to their own inability to think about the possibility that their thinking abilities were not as good as they imagined.

As mentioned on previous pages of this series at one point during the year of the ‘repeating wrong explanations’ experiment I actually edited sections of the clients guide SPECIFICALLY to enhance and make more prominent all the areas that this person specifically was obviously having problems with and was unable to relate to.

After editing it I made a point of asking them to read it all through AND then I also made a point of asking what they thought about it with respect to themselves.

Unbelievably, what they said in reply was this . . .

“None of what you write relates to myself”

So, have a think about this? . . . .

So, if you reading this are someone with an IQ of 140+ and your expertise area is ‘thinking’ wouldn’t you take EXTRA careful notice with regards the possibility of your thinking being messed with?

And PARTICULARLY ‘IF’ you reading this had;

If your expertise area was thinking and you had regularly identified subtle energetic crap messing with yourself for a very long period that had been impacting pretty much ALL aspects of yourself then wouldn’t you imagine that you’d be EXTRA suspicious?

Wouldn’t you imagine that you’d be on the alert for the possibility of your own evaluations being messed with and managed AND that these evaluations involved thinking processes and mental deductions?

Wouldn’t you imagine that you’d also be way more competent compared to others whom had no or poor abilities to access subtle realms and whom were therefore ONLY able to rely on the repeated ‘before compared to after’ changes for confirmation that something subtle ‘might’ have been messing with them?

How effective must some ‘managing’ subtle energetic crap or simulation software have to be such that even reading a ‘personalized’ guide (a few times) that directly states and gives examples of what they’ve been regularly experiencing as well as loads of ‘prompts’ to help them become aware of the clues that directly relate to THEIR OWN DIRECT EXPERIENCES . . . ‘something’ can still EASILY convince them that ‘HahAhhahaHA’ that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this guide;

Applies to themselves!!!

ABSOLUTELY, how unbelievably well managed must someone have to be for this to have been going on for over a year of AND they never say anything. Then, when we explore these areas AND THEY get rid of what was feeding them their very confident ‘false’ explanations such that they immediately stop presenting these . . . THEY present themselves as being completely sure that it’s ABSOLUTELY not possible for their thinking to be managed in ANY OTHER WAYS?

How seriously well managed must they be for this to happen?

Try and appreciate how EASY it is to be managed . . .

This Effectively AND this EFFICIENTLY?

That even with a couple of examples twice a week for over a year they are managed so amazingly well they cannot confront this AND when this ‘happening’ is confronted AND they DIRECTLY deal with what HAS been MANAGING THEM FOR OVER A YEAR . . . ‘STILL’ . . . . there is NO ‘conceptual’ change . . . this ‘experience’ simply ISN’T allowed to be ‘integrated’ and it DOESN’T result in their understandings being updated.

How can the TRUTH presented here Set YOU FREE?

This is why I’m not surprised that despite what I write on this site being way, WAY more accurate about how things ACTUALLY ARE with pages written giving point by point reasoning while laying things out in the simplest ways possible hardly anyone can take it in AND if they do most of them are managed to not comment.

This is . . .

HOW IT IS . . .

The phrase: ‘The TRUTH shall set you free’ is a sick Spiritual Hierarchy & or Simulation Designer joke

ISN’T IT!!!!

The STARK and HORRIFYING ‘truth’ is all very, VERY well covered and detailed on these pages here AND virtually no one can even make it here, never mind read the pages, never mind have it sink in . . . what better way to keep people enslaved and completely lost than by directly managing them to NOT be able to find, take in or even evaluate any ‘truths’ in the first place . . . it’s a brilliant way to keep a population perpetually, completely lost . . .

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