Awareness Advice & Example of Corrupted & Manufactured Thoughts, Negative Emotions & Life Patterns

This client ‘Self Awareness of Personal Issues & Life Patterns Guide’ included examples of thinking diversions, misdirections and sabotages . . . . such as these sections below;

We take for granted that what is happening within us is and must be of ourselves. That the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel must be ours and that they must represent us completely. It is almost unthinkable and actually very disturbing to even consider anything else because we completely identify with our thinking and feelings and the resulting actions; responses and behaviour as whom we are. If you cannot trust your own thoughts and feelings then on what basis can you trust anything?

Well, there is no way that I can break this to you gently but the bottom line is that it will be a very rare person indeed whose thoughts and feelings and resulting actions; responses and behaviours are really and truly their own. I estimate that between 20-50% of our thoughts, feelings, intuitions and so on are being directly and strongly compromised in some way (being manipulated, generated, substituted and more) as the result of subtle energetic crap acting upon us. It is very possible and quite likely that 90%+ of your thoughts and feelings are being influenced in some way. These intrusions are the norm for every single person here.

The first time I came across a set of subtle ‘interferences’ doing something debilitating severe and encompassing to myself I became very, very disturbed. In fact when I actually first contemplated just the possibility that maybe what I was feelings and thinking may be something being done to me I became so disturbed that I shut down thinking about this for about an hour.

During this hour I actually occasionally felt physically sick at what I was trying to NOT contemplate because it was just so horrendous and disturbing.

Eventually I decide that I might as well check to see if this was true rather than lie there feeling like shit anyway. So, I did, and it was true and I actually raged about it for a few days.

This particular set of ‘not of me’ things made me paralyzed in life, fearful, down and unsettled. They made my life grey and unsatisfying, fed me negative ‘downing thoughts’ such that I had to drag myself through each day. And the worst was that this crap had made me feel like this for 3-4 years JUST IN THIS LIFE. It took a difficult hour to clear these, but it took days for me to recover from the shock that my worst ‘negative states’ that I had lived for years had absolutely nothing to do with ANYTHING of me but were something that had been deliberately applied to myself to keep me down, lost and debilitated.

So, with respect to what I’ve presented above. Any thoughts and or feelings that seem alien, that do not represent your values, are persistent, over blown, distracting, that disengage you from life, loop around, repeat regularly are preoccupying or are either overly negative, downing or preoccupying or even overly positive, inspiring or enthusiastic should be considered suspect.

In other words it is useful to consider and to investigate the integrity of your thoughts and feelings. It is NOT USEFUL to worry about these areas. Whatever is and has been done to compromise you will have been acting on you for quite some time and they will have been doing this without your knowledge or awareness.

Some of you may react very strongly toward what I say here. “What you are saying is VERY negative, it is diabolical?”. To which I have to say the following; this is how it is, the truly negative thing is that it has been like this for longer than any of you would care to contemplate.

So, it is a useful but disturbing assumption to make that as a minimum some of your negative and debilitating thoughts, feelings and embedded dysfunctional life patterns . . .

May not be Naturally yours!!!

For extended examples of some ‘effect’s you can experience trying to orientate yourself down a serious self exploring (by direct experience) line then read this article sub series here and in particular from this page here.

So, if you are reading this entire series then it might strike you that the above page is actually abundantly clear about how easy it is to have your thoughts and feelings managed AND how you can be completely oblivious to this AND how it is HORRIFYING to even think about this just as a possibility.

‘IF’ you had read the above AND you were working with me AND you had say 50 examples of yourself continually making very confident WRONG appraisals then just how well managed must you be ‘IF’ you read the above AND this reading still doesn’t invoke any correlations or SUSPICIONS?

I really want EVERYONE reading this series to be completely aware that despite someone repeatedly having regular feedback of highly ‘compromised’ and obviously ‘finely’ crafted ‘diverting’ responses each very much an indication that their thinking, evaluations and explanations AND feelings are completely compromised AND they read this page multiple times that this doesn’t in the slightest mean that they will be allowed to evaluate themselves, their repeating life patterns AND come to a rational never mind obvious conclusions . . .

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